Black Ops II Wii U - Treyarch's Guide to the Wii Remote

Black Ops II Wii-U

Awesome, good work.

The lookspring is confusing as hell. I've played around with this setting a million times and reread A_Trey_U's description of it and I'm still struggling to figure out what this does. It must be very subtle. I assumed it was a redundant setting with a zero dead zone but I guess I was wrong.

Also I don't want to be a grammar nazi but "Camera Speed and Camera Sensitivity have a big affect on each other." should be "....have a big effect..."

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After reading through the whole guide, I second what Pineconn said.  The guide and recommendations are so good that they should be in the game.

Those "experienced player" settings are what I use, but I think you explained them beautifully.  I only wish a guide like this could get more people to try out the Wiimote.

Excellent job, A_Trey_U.

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lol oh man.  It's 1:00am and I'm just now seeing this stuff. I can't decide if I want to download the patch now and spend time tweaking the controls or wait till tomorrow.  I'm so picky about this stuff I know I'll spend at least an hour just tweaking things.  Decisions decisions.

Thanks for getting us fixed up though.

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when you turn fast to engage in a firefight your wiimote cursor goes flying high in the sky above the tango shooting at you, thus causing you to die stupidly.

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You can add this button configuration (see the video) and target wiimote as mouse or joystick no aim on the screen just the remoteness of the middle of the screen to move the target, and you will make me happy!

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Great idea! I remember thinking why they never did this on the Wii. I don't know how well this setup would work but it seems like a nice experimental idea. Treyarch will you give this a shot?

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The aiming won't work. Try using the Wiimote on Counter-strike without free cursor movement, and its horrible.

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That thread is very well made, although most of it is stuff many of us already know, it is VERY helpful.

After playing WaW, Mwr, and BO on the Wii and experimenting with all the options and figuring out what does what I thought I knew everything there was to the Wiimote options. I knew almost all of what was posted on that thread but to my surprise I learned a couple things too, for example the recomendations about vertical sensitivity.

The guide is great and I hope to see it become even better. Thanks to everyone who took the time to help develop that guide. It will definitely be extremely helpful for many people!

I suggest once the guide is perfected to include it with the player's manual in the next Cod game on the Wii U.

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Wow! After a good night's playing I noticed that the controls are vastly improved! You guys even fixed the static deadzone if you ADSed while the cursor wasn't in the middle of the screen. I'm seriously impressed with the quality. Kudos for such great support.

I definitely recommend a scope sensitivity of 0 when using the Precision + Floating scope aiming style. It's pretty darn good for sniping, I won't even lie.

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Pineconn wrote:

! You guys even fixed the static deadzone if you ADSed while the cursor wasn't in the middle of the screen. I'm seriously impressed with the quality.

They did?  Huh.  I didn't notice that. 

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