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Black Ops II Wii-U

I went through the forums and saw that I was complaining about it being gone in 07/2013. ATU said it had expired so he reposted it. I think it may have expired again?

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Yes I found that expiration message too but this time not only the guide is expired and MIA. ATU = 3ARCH = MIA too.

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I think he now works at Burger King,, oops, I hope that doesn't put anyone off from getting a burger now

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Ok, it took a lot of searching but I finally found it on one of my usb hdd's that was stuffed away out of sight. Here it is in it's entirety. You may want to copy and paste it to your pc.

A_Trey_U wrote:

Hello Wii U Community,

While we are still evaluating the Wii Remote for additional improvemnents and already have some completed for our next patch, we would like to share our guide to the Wii Remote based on how we coded it and what our optimal play style is. These are the opinions of our development team and our quality assurance department and are by no means a mandatory way to play.


Black Ops II Wii Remote Guide

It may seem an overwhelming task just to tweak your settings because there are many sliders in the controls menu and they are not all clearly explained. This guide details the effect each setting has as well as the range of values we think you’ll like. Now you’ve got what you need to unlock the full potential of the Wii Remote.


The preset menu has provides 5 different configurations that we consider good for players of different skill. The Green Horn preset starts by favoring high stability. As they advance toward the Insane, each preset increasingly biases high responsiveness. Look Spring is disabled starting with the Advanced preset.

All of the presets were revised by our latest patch and we recommend you try them all.


Hip Dead Zone

The dead zone has the effect of disabling camera rotation when the reticle is inside the box. This setting allows you to set how large or small it is. You have control over both width and height.

ADS Dead Zone

This has the same effect as above except it only applies when aiming down the sight.

We recommend sizing both dead zones to a small box. This size of these boxes has a big effect on the stability of the camera. It also affects the setting you should use for Camera Sensitivity: As your dead zone gets smaller, you’ll need to set it to a lower value.


Cursor Sensitivity

This slider setting determines how quickly the reticle moves in response to motion of the Wii Remote. A high sensitivity setting will let the reticle move immediately but at the expense of stability. At its highest setting the reticle will appear to jump around. With a lower value the reticle will move smoothly but you’ll have to move your hand further before the game will respond.

We recommend you try settings between 16 and 35. Try a lower value if you’re having a hard time keeping the pointer on your targets or it’s bouncing around too much. Conversely, if the reticle feels too sluggish you should try a higher value.

Cursor Speed

The Wii Remote and Sensor Bar implement a system that detects where the Wii Remote is pointing within a fixed area. Cursor Speed controls how much of that area the game uses. As the value increases, the game will use a smaller portion. The result is that a smaller hand motion is necessary to move the reticle.

The best value depends on how close you’re sitting to the TV. We suggest your starting value should be found by subtracting the distance between your sensor bar and Wii Remote from 20. Players who like their controls ‘twitchy’ may like settings above 20. By playing with high cursor speed and sensitivity only small hand motions are necessary to complete a full range of motion.

Camera Sensitivity

This setting controls how quickly the camera turn speed ramps up to its maximum as the reticle moves toward the edge of the screen.

Camera sensitivity has a huge impact on how stable your controls feel. A low value has the effect of creating what feels like a large and round dead zone. Low settings will allow you to move the reticle around quite a bit on the screen without triggering motion sickness.

The best value for this slider depends on how high the camera speed is. Try values between 8 and 16. Anything higher than 16 is probably going to be too unstable, especially as you target enemies at the edge of the screen.

You should find an increased ability to circle strafe opponents as you edge this value up.

Scope Sensitivity

The effect of this depends on what scope aim style is set to. For precision mode, this setting determines the total angle the camera can rotate through.

For pointer and control stick mode, it acts as a maximum camera speed to control rotation as the camera moves toward the edge of the screen.

In all modes, except control stick, you will probably want to use the lowest possible value to maximize precision.


Scope Aiming

There are 3 different ways to control weapons with scopes.


In this mode, the game calculates an instant direction to face based on where the Wii Remote is pointing. The arc that you can turn through is determined by the setting for scope sensitivity. This mode allows you to move where the scope is pointing far more quickly than Pointer and Control Stick aiming.


This mode offers the traditional scope controls where pointing the Wii Remote around will move the scope in

that direction.

Control Stick

This mode moves the scope sight using the Nunchuk control stick.

Look Spring

This feature controls how looking up and down works with the Wii Remote.

When Look Spring is enabled:

Positioning the reticle at the screen center will rotate the camera to align with the horizon. Moving the reticle up or down the camera will rotate to a fixed direction. The degree of rotation in either direction is loosely based on how far the reticle is from the center of the screen.

When Look Spring is disabled:

Positioning the reticle at the screen center just stops the camera from rotating up or down. As you move the reticle up or down the camera will continue rotate. How fast it rotates is based on how far the reticle is from the vertical center.

Look spring is great when you’re first learning to use the Wii Remote. Once you’re feeling comfortable with it we recommend you try turning it off. You’ll have to work a little harder to move the camera up and down but you’ll have greater stability when looking up a slope or making angled shots.

Turret Aiming

This is just like the scope aiming setting except it only applies to turrets and three score streaks (Sentry Gun, Dragon Fire, and Lodestar).


Horizontal Speed

This slider sets the maximum speed for turning the camera.

Vertical Speed

The effect of this slider depends on whether look spring is enabled.

When Look Spring is enabled this setting controls how quickly the camera will move toward a target direction. The camera will center itself when the reticle is in the center of the screen. You probably don’t want to use a setting any higher than 5! You’ll find there is a significant difference between each value between 0 and 6. We recommend setting it to 3 or 4.

With Look Spring disabled this setting works similarily as horizontal speed. It will set the maximum rate the camera will turn up or down. The game should still feel quite stable with high settings so long as camera sensitivity is low.

Horizontal Speed (ADS) and Vertical Speed(ADS)

These sliders set the maximum speed for rotating the camera when while aiming down the sight. Look spring does not have any affect on the vertical speed setting .

We recommend you start by using matching speed for speed and ads-speed.


Camera Speed and Camera Sensitivity have a big effect on each other. The higher camera speed is the lower you should set the camera sensitivity. Conversely, you can use a higher camera sensitivity when the camera speed is lower.

The experienced player should find the controls manage to balance accuracy, stability, and high turn speed with:

    A small dead zone

    High camera speed, 30+

    Low camera sensitivity, 8-16

Try increasing cursor speed and cursor sensitivity to use less hand motion.

Low camera sensitivity feels a bit like there is a large circular dead zone in the center of the screen.

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And this guide was made by someone who hasn't a clue how to use, test or set up a wiimote. The whole thing is a waste of time, which is why they defended the false story that more people use the game pad pro controllers. Not one decent wiimoter on the devs team existed. What is the point of having a specified guide to set up the wiimote to a devs guide if you can't set it up to your own spec/style? Let me tell you, are you ready,,, BECAUSE ITS BROKEN..

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I take it you will not be doing the copy and paste with this then? I only posted it for those that didn't get a chance to see it.  

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If I could print it on toilet paper I would

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lmao, im sure there a way...

i should do a wiimote settings video to show how a #WiimoteWarrior gets down!

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"The experienced player should find the controls manage to balance accuracy, stability, and high turn speed with:

    A small dead zone

    High camera speed, 30+

    Low camera sensitivity, 8-16"

Actually this statement is quite accurate.  It' s a great guide.  Or it was until they broke the controls.  Still a great guide for Ghosts though .  Then you have to add the ADS camera sensitivity which is like the greatest thing ever.  It's a small change, but it allows you to get that perfect feel.  mmmmmm......Ghosts.  

Even if they didn't break ADS in this game the turn speeds are far too low and it's missing that ADS setting.  Broken.  Controls are broken.

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dude, its not broken...

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