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Hello Wii U Wii Remote Community,

I've added a guide up in the announcements section.  I'll leave this thread open for this sticky so you can all participate in the discussuion (announcements can't be open).

Please keep it productive or I'll have to delete posts or lock the thread entirely.


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Is it posible to increase the Turning Speed for the Wii Remote? Just asking...

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I believe that's Camera Sensitivity - mine is set low though (at 11). I'll be tweaking my settings though with the new patch.

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I mean faster Turn Speed. I have 0 deadzones and 40 Turn Speed. I feel its too slow.

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no deadzones=faster turning.... am i doing this right?

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Dudette (I know you're a girl )...thanks for compiling this - this is great. It both shows you care about us and also have played with the wiimote during dev. Great stuff.

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I can't disagree with anything that was said in that guide. I wish it could be inserted into the game somehow since it's so helpful.

I'll have to try lowering my camera speeds as suggested.

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Agree, I was just thinking that. Instead of the one sentence descriptions they currently have, it should be replaced with something like this.

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Nice work Atreyu.

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The patch feels great as a Wii Remote user.  No ADS stutter, no jitter, fluid movement.

The aim assist...   well, I won't complain.  I'll just say now Wiimote players have joined DA players with the aimbots. 

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