Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

Black Ops II Wii-U

Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers...

This post is going to include all the information currently known, along with speculation, for Black Ops 2 Zombies. Whatever I don't or forget to include here, please comment about it and I will add it in.


The map is NOT called TranZit. TranZit is the game mode which is probably used for the whole map in all, with a certain way of getting from main area to main area.

The Map's official name is Green Run. It contains 5 Areas (Bus Station, Diner, Power Plant, Farm, Town), which can all be played separately in Survival.

The Survival maps seem to be different from eachother in what they offer, from whether perks are there or not, to WHAT perks are there or not, if the pack a punch is there or not, and so-on. (Pack-A-Punch is in Town, only?)

Not much is known about the third mode, Grief, other than it includes 8 players, 4 on each team (2 teams.) Whichever team survives the longest against the zombies win, and it is predicted that there will be methods to increase the chance of the other team losing.

Green Run itself is huge, way bigger than any other map Treyarch has made yet. The 5 Areas range in size, being not THAT large, but it is made up for with the massive space and pathways between areas, along with some secret places. Fog surrounds the pathways between areas to signify the danger of going into them. Denizens (Explained below) lurk through the pathways and will spawn randomly to attack.

There is fire and lava everywhere. Walking into it will do damage.

Yes, there is a power switch. In the Power Plant, you can buy a door and go underground to a lab where you build the power switch yourself. It requires a power box(?), switch, and zombie arm.

There is now 4 player Split Screen. It might make the game much harder to play as the screen is a fourth it's normal size-- but it's a great addition either way!

Nothing yet is known about Nuketown 2025. It is very possible (if not for certain) that we will see DLC in the future that will give BO II the same amount of maps that BO had gotten, if not more.

(Feel free to add any more!)


Not much is known about this right now.

  • Stewey - Nerd/Genius guy with awesome glasses and white button-down. Extremely smart and has a high and annoying voice.

  • Marlton - An old black man. Very humorous, and doesn't even sound black when he talks.

(Information for the two above added by TevorHoPe)

  • A southener girl named Misty(?)

Where are the original characters? Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Sam? Well, they're probably stuck on the Moon-- or making their way back from Area 51. It's very possible that we can see them in future DLC, or we might be able to see them at the end of Green Run's easter egg! Here's hoping.


A screen has been shown with private match options. What we have seen is Magic (Turning on and off Powerups, I assume), the ability to choose what round you start on (1,5,10,15,20), and whether zombies are damaged by headshots only or not.


The bus is used in the TranZit Game Mode. It will drive you around the map, allowing you to skip the very dangerous pathways between areas. However, zombies can and will attack the bus and try to get in. The Bus is driven around by a robot. The robot will get mad if you knife it.

The Bus has been shown that it can be upgraded, but no one has managed to figure out how yet. (Please comment on any information about this!)

The zombies will try to break in from the windows, or climb in through the front or back. You can shoot them off, rebuild windows, and shoot from outside the windows to prevent them from getting close. You can climb up onto the roof and shoot zombies from there.

Once the roof has been opened, zombies can climb up onto the roof and drop down into the bus from there.(Info by andy1324)

The 93R is a wall gun on the ceiling of the bus.


Some of the weapons from Black Ops 1 Zombies return. Such as the M14, Olympia, M16 (Now Colt M16A1), AK-74 Monkey Bomb, Semtex Grenades, M1911(Starting Gun), Galil, Bowie Knife, Ballistic Knife, FN FAL and Ray Gun. The M14 and Olympia are available in the starting room, and the Colt M16A1 is found somewhere in one of the pathways that link two main areas. The AK-74 is on the side of the shack that leads to the Power Room. The Galil, Monkey Bomb, Ballistic Knife, FN FAL, and Ray Gun are in the Mystery Box as usual. The Bowie Knife is in a hut outside of the main areas (It's exact location is unknown, sorry! The hut is near a wood stump with an axe buried in it, though, if that helps.) Whoever can inform me of the Semtex's location, I thank you for that early on.

The rest of the known guns (feel free to add) are as follows:

  • M8A1
  • SMR
  • Saiga-12
  • M1216
  • Type 25
  • Skorpion EVO III
  • HAMR
  • Chicom QCB
  • Assault Shield (Buildable)
  • KAP-40
  • Executioner
  • MSMC
  • MP5
  • RPG-7
  • War Machine
  • 93R
  • Thrustodyne Aeronautic Model 23 (Wonder Weapon, Buildable)
  • EMP Grenades
  • Galvaknuckles


The Thrustodyne Aeronautic Model 23 is the wonder weapon for this map. You must build it by finding 6(?) parts scattered around the map TranZit. The Thrustodyne sends out high pressurized blasts of air very quickly to shred the zombies to pieces. Contrary to popular belief, the Thrustodyne does NOT run out after 30 seconds, 1 minute, or ANY time. It will instead break after it has inflicted exactly 50,000 Damage Points. Given the true nature of the Wonder Weapons, there is possibly some way to fix this (Either by Pack a Punching, or other methods) and to make the Thrustodyne MUCH more useful.


A new melee weapon. Can be found in several parts of the map(?), and costs 6000 points. They come in the form of electrically charged gauntlets, used to punch zombies. More powerful than the Bowie Knife.


Juggernog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Double Tap Root Beer, and Stamin-Up have been shown in videos. People have claimed to see Mule Kick AND a new perk.

The Perk has been identified! It's name is Tombstone, as predicted by the community. When you buy it, and then get downed, a tombstone powerup appears over your character. Then, when the character dies and the round is finished, allowing the player to come back to life, the player can walk over to the tombstone and grab their weapons back. It is unknown as to whether other players can pick up the tombstone powerup.


Insta-Kill, Double Points, Nuke, Max Ammo, and Carpenter return. Others might be there as well, but that is unknown as of now.

The announcer for these power ups are Richtofen, due to the events of Moon.


Turbine: (Whoever wishes to add directions to build, please do.) This buildable can be placed in front of anything that needs power, and will allow you to use said thing without having the power on.

Power Switch: (Explained Above)

Zombie Shield: (Whoever wishes to add directions to build, please do.) This buildable can be used as a weapon to fight off the zombie horde. It acts as an instant kill, and will send the zombies flying on impact. It breaks after a certain amount of uses(10?), however does NOT need to be rebuilt and can just be grabbed off the table it was crafted on.

Electric Trap: (I know nothing of this, sorry! Whoever does, please comment about it and it will be added in.)

Thrustodyne Aeronautic Model 23: (Explained above) Once broken, it needs to be rebuilt. Parts spawn again.

Navcard Usage Machine: (Whoever wishes to add directions to build, please do.) Unknown usage. (Whoever knows, please comment!) Possibly used for the Easter Egg?


Zombie: All of you should know this guy by now. Not many changes. Blue eyes due to the events of Moon, and the zombies can now climb up on cars to get to you faster. Zombies WILL attack your bus, and they will move as fast as it.

Fire Zombie: Zombies will catch fire if they walk over lava and fire! Once they are killed as fire zombies, they will explode and do damage to the player.

Denizen: These little buggers will only spawn if you are in the pathways between areas, much like Nova Crawlers spawning in the labs in Five and Moon. They are easy to kill, but they are hard to see, spawn at random times, and will leap up onto your face if they are close enough. Once they are on your face, they will start scratching it to disorient vision and movement. You cannot shoot with these denizens on your face. You can knife or Galvaknuckle them off, though. (It is unknown if Denizens actually do damage.)

Electric Zombie: The boss zombie! Not much is known about the boss, but his weakness is getting melee'd. If he is defeated, he will retreat back up into the clouds. The Electric Zombie will teleport around and fire off lightning bolts that will damage and disorient the player. It has been speculated that getting an Electric Zombie to walk by something that needs power will briefly turn it on.


The Pack-A-Punch returns, and is better than ever before. The Pack-A-Punch is confirmed to be in the middle of the Town Survival map.

Guns can now be Pack-A-Punched multiple times. The first Pack-A-Punch is 5000, and all afterwards is 2000. It seems that the 2nd Pack-A-Punch gives random new attatchments (such as special scopes or Grenade Launchers). When the gun is placed back into the machine, it will also come out with full ammo! This does not work with the Ray Gun.

Update! The method to unlock the Pack-A-Punch in TranZit, Green Run, has been figured out. In order to access it, you must first go back to the Power Room in the Power Plant. Make sure you have the turbine! Then, right when you drop down from the shack, look behind you to see something (Can't think of a correct word to define it) with an electrical symbol on it. Place the turbine right next to it, and then exit the Power Room. Make it back to the Town, and break into the Vault (Check Hints, Secrets, And Easter Eggs). There is a second vault door that can be destroyed with explosives. Before, when you destroyed the vault door, there was a third door that could not be accessed. But now that you have placed the Turbine in the Power Room, the door should be open. Now you can enter a set of labs, which have the parts of the Pack-A-Punch machine scattered around it. Find them, build it, and then you can Pack-A-Punch!


-The song activated by the Teddy Bears is confirmed to be a dubstep song, by Skrillex. I assume it's 'Imma Try It Out', but I may be getting the name wrong. It is very possible that other songs, such as Carry On, are also available in the map-- such like Re-Damned, 8-Bit Pareidolia/Coming Home, and Nightmare were also available in Moon.

-There are streetlights around the map that will emit a green light. When a Denizen is lead towards them, it will attempt to escape by digging underground below the green light. It will leave a portal behind that will lead towards other Green Streetlights placed around the map.

-In the area 'Town', there is a safe door that can be blown up with an explosive. Inside is a vault (With possibly more secrets inside!), and a special vault where you can store your points, and anyone can take out.

-In the area 'Farm', there is a fridge where you can store your weapon and pick it up later.

-Nacht Der Untoten. Yes, this is true. Within the pathway between two areas (Very possibly between the Town and the Bus Depot, as the Bus takes you back to the Bus Depot from the Town. Suggestion given by timelordalex! ), there is a cornfield that you can move through. A certain route through the cornfield will lead you to this very nostalgic stone bunker. So far, you can only seem to access the first floor (Maybe more of it, but we don't know for sure). It contains a part for the Thrustodyne Aeronautic Model 23.


  • Tower of Babble (75 points) - In TranZit, obey the voices. (Easter egg, most likely!)
  • Don't Fire Until You See (30 points) - In TranZit, have all doors opened without being set on fire.
  • The Lights Of Their Eyes (5 points) - In Green Run, pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP.
  • Undead Man's Party Bus (15 points) - In TranZit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game.
  • Dance On My Grave (5 points) - In Green Run, acquire your Tombstone.
  • Standard Equipment May Vary (25 points) - In TranZit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game.
  • You Have No Power Over Me (15 points) - You Have No Power Over Me (What?)
  • I Don't Think They Exist (10 points) - In TranZit, kill one of the denizens of the forest while it is latched onto you.
  • Fuel Efficient (10 points) - In TranZit, use an alternative mode of transportation.
  • Happy Hour (10 points) - In TranZit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power.

I do not know if I will be posting the directions in order to complete these-- as people might want to figure them out for themselves. If you all do not mind that, however, I will try to include as many directions as I can!


This is all I know for now. If anyone wishes to comment about information I missed, please do, and it will be added on to the post. Any information about secrets I may have missed, or details, or even whole sections that deserve mentioning is well appreciated.

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A note on characters:

  • Stewey - Nerd/Genius guy with awesome glasses and white button-down. Extremely smart and has a high and annoying voice.

  • Marlton - An old black man. Very humorous, and doesn't even sound black when he talks.
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Thank you for the info! Well appreciated.. Are you sure about the names, though? I've heard the genius guy referring to himself as Marlton or Marley-- however both names(Stewey and Marlton) could fit a genius. I have to check the videos again, cause it's very possible that I'm wrong there. Either way, time to edit my current info and add in!

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No problem, man! And I'm pretty sure. I watched gameplay and Marlton kept asking Stewey (the genius) if he could spare some ammo. And Marlton would talk about himself in 3rd person every now and then. And haha yes...I totally agree that both could fit a genius.

Add me on Xbox if you wanna talk more about it, bro.

Trevor Ho

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Thanks for the confirmation as well. Hopefully there will soon be 4 person gameplay so we can figure out who the 4th character is.

Ahh, sorry man but I'm on PS3 instead of Xbox. If I ever do get Xbox, though, I'll remember to add you.

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Wrong! Marlton IS the nerd. Look it up, do your homework BEFORE you just throw out information. Marlton would talk about himself in third person? No....The black guy was calling Marlton by his name. I don't know what the black guys name is but I don't think it's Stewey, unless that's a nickname the black guy gave Marlton for some reason.

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This is the most legit sum of all info out there that is very usefull. I appreciate your time and I hope it will stop pointless thread. One of the achievements stated to get2 perks without turning on the power, so you basically have to lead the elctric zombie near a perk and quickly buy the perk and  TA DA, acievemnet achieved.

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P.S. are you on xbox?

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Thanks! It took like...45min to an hour to type all of this up, and to re-check things.

Ah yes, that's true! I should probably add on the achievements as well. I need to decide on whether to add the directions or not just in case people want to find how to do them on their own. I think it's also possible to activate perk machines without the power on by using the Turbine, as well.

Edit: Unfortunately, I am not on Xbox. I use PS3, but one day I might try and get the Xbox as well so I can play with both communities. Although...probably not the best idea since the next generation of systems are coming out sooner or later.

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