Black Ops 2 DLC for the Wii U......

Black Ops II Wii-U

I would have to agree with this. I had the option of buying BO2 for PC or replacing my broken 360 and getting it for that, but wanted something to play on my shiny new Wii U after beating Batman. I knew DLC was coming out soon and assumed it would be on all platforms.

I've only been playing MP for two weeks and have to say I'm already getting a little bored of the repetition. Came online today to see when the DLC release date was and to my surprise discover it might be NEVER! Pretty weak. I've loved my BO2 experience on Wii U so far but if they're not going to support the game with content all the other versions are going to get, this may be the last time I ever pay for their game on a Nintendo system.

And all the people who defend this and say people complaining about it are just whiney children need to wake up. Not doing it for Wii games was understandable, it was a vastly underpowered console. The Wii U is more than capable of supporting it now though. And ya, the install base isn't nearly as strong, but do you think continuing to withold DLC is going to improve that? No, the only way to improve it is by giving the same support and content as competing systems. Shortterm loss = longterm gain...

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well eventually get dlc for bo2 in coming months we must have patience and not rush them or annoy treyarch everyday with annoying dlc threads with people complaining about

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NkoSekirei wrote:

well eventually get dlc for bo2 in coming months we must have patience and not rush them or annoy treyarch everyday with annoying dlc threads with people complaining about

Some could make a fortune out of taking bets for this. All the money would be going one way. IN.

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salut, A_Trey_U as deja dit qu'il voulais notre argant vous en faite pas

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What you saying is they are not allowing us the OPTION to but a DLC (and nuketown) because our community is too small?!? ok, lets put this into perspective, i bet almost all of us bought BO for wii.We were REALLY pissed we didn't get and map packs. Then the Wii-U comes out and we all think " Now things will be diffrent.Now we will get all the stuff That stupid X-box and PS3 get! " And then Black Ops 2 comes out and we are allready left in the dust because we dont get nuketown 2025! Now they arn't even telling us if we are going to get the new DLC! WE BUY A $350 CONSOLE AND TREYARCH SAYS " They dont deserve it. "!!!! THAT IS WHAT YOUR SAYING?!?!? our communtiy is too small my ass. thats like saying, " We could give this food and fresh water to the starving people of (Wii-U) But they don't have many people so it would be a wast of our time. " WE ARE STARVING FOR WHAT WE DESERVE AND WE WON'T STOP TILL WE GET IT!!! 

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I agree, I was fucked over on Black Ops and MW3 for DLC, we just want confirmation.

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i really need the DLC, got em on Xbox but still i play wii u alot, because i dont need to light up monitor for playing, thanks nintendo for the best remote

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A_Trey_U seems you didn't do your homework... You posted on another page that it was a "retailer" issue about advertising nuketown 2025 for Wii U???...  A week before the 360/PS3/PC launch this verry website we are all lookin at right now adverised nuketown 2025 for a pre-order. At this time being one week before initial launch, guess what after clicking on nuketown 2025 wii u came up for pre-order and continued this was for at least untill wii u launch with was about 3 weeks later. Don't blame others for your mistakes. MR. A_TREY U!!!!!!!!!!

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If you didnt catch that wii u nuketown 2025 was advertised as a preorde on this website

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the thing for me is, im not prepared to put money down on dlc if the game itself doesn't work properly........ this game is starting to look like a patch work quilt ! if u built the thing right the first time instead of half assing it like u do all nintendo titles maybe u wouldnt have to keep dodging bullets ! give us a about a lot more game and a lot less spin !

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