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Black Ops II Wii-U

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We have a detective here.

More of an intuitive way of  thinking.

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I think we will too...just have to wait.

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I am coming seriously late to this discussion but, after reviewing the comments made by the developer (or, rather, the intentional lack there of), I am doubtful that we will get the DLC content any time soon, if at all. For those of us who migrated from playing Call of Duty on the Wii, we know well that semi-firm claims that we would receive DLC have been made by Treyarch before. In fact, the Wii manual for the first Black Ops specifically made such a claim. Of course, that never came into being.

Maybe this is a contractional issue with Nintendo. Maybe Treyarch is concerned with further splitting a (by comparison) small community. Maybe Treyarch feels not enough revenue is in providing DLC for the Wii U. We just don't know. The real point here, however, is that, either due to pending discussions or lack of interest, the developers have opted not to provide their Nintendo based consumers with any clear, honest communication. And that is the source of the real disappointment here.

Speaking of revenue, I, as a consumer, completely reject the notion of 'donating' funds to convince Treyarch to provide the Wii U with downloadable content. We all paid for the product, and many of us would be willing to pay the fifteen bucks for the Revolution pack. That, really, is all that should be expected of us as faithful consumers.


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Personally I think Nuketown 2025, the Revolution DLC and all future DLC for Black Ops 2 should be free for Wii U customers. The userbase is too small to bother charging for it.

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not only is it more likely for the world to end tomorrow  than Activision releasing FREE DLC, but if it happened, the xbox and ps3 community will rage, and the last thing activision wants to do is make their major source of income extremely mad.

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Well, if they charge for it the only thing that'll happen is it'll fracture the already very small userbase even further. Either make it free so that everyone will have it or not at all.

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Free DLC....that would be awesome. But highly unlikely, cause Activision would be losing money. Sure, Nintendo isnt charging for releasing DLC, but porting it would cost some money- that they probably wont be making back.

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they should cause we suffered far more then wat the 360 and ps3 cod players didnt dealt with is hackers and $hit on the last cod and we all know mw3 was plain garbage and it wasnt just lag we dealt with and lack of patches.It was god dam hackers they took all the fun out of the games and especially getting ur accounts hopped and being demoted as well.It should be a fair thing by getting free dlc for only the revolution map pack.

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Hopefully they will release dlc content with the new system updates being released in spring and summer, mostly because of the Wii U being a brand new system and it hasn't had time to develop, much like when the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 came out and they didn't have dlc at all. The Wii U also doesn't have that many call of duty players as much as the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 because of that as well. If they do release dlc for Black Ops II Wii U, then this will kick start dlc content with most games from other companies as well, and it will bring more gamers over to the Wii U. The dlc is usually the reason many gamers don't own the Wii U, although it does display dlc on the Nintendo eShop but with nothing in it except fully downloadable games. Plus Nintendo is just starting to get back into mainstream video gaming in there own unique way. More than likely Activision and Treyarch already have a version of Black Ops II dlc for Wii U. They just can't release it until Nintendo fixes all the bugs with these system updates coming out. And more than likely that is the main reason behind all this because when the Wii U came out Black Ops II was released a day or 2 before the actual release. So I believe that Activision and Treyarch had it ready to go and Nintendo said ok until gamers called support and posted online saying that there Wii U system's were glitching and freezing, I know this to be true because it happened to me as well. So my guess is that they told every game company to wait for us to fix this with some system updates before you release any games or dlc until this is done. Because if you noticed in the latest Wii U direct video, Mr. Iwata didn't release any game dates of any other game companies except there own games and not just any games, old virtual console games. So I believe Nintendo is the reason for no dlc yet and that they won't release anything until both updates are complete. So its safe to say that my theory on all of this is 95% correct.

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ummm not too sure about that.

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