Black Ops 2 DLC for the Wii U......

Black Ops II Wii-U

interesting that you come to a thread about DLC, make a comment about a patch but no mention of DLC. Make of that what you will.

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He replied to someone talking about the 360 patch.

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in a DLC thread. why wouldnt he even mention it?

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I don't require a hard and fast response to DLC, but what I do want is communication from TA. Like, "we are in discussions with Nintendo about DLC" or "it's on our to-do list". I just want to know *something*.

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Because I wanted to make sure he'd seen the thread about the patch. 

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Hey a_trey_u, good to see you here again.

Just a few questions to ask while you're around.

I notice that black ops 2 isn't on the Nintendo Eshop, and was wondering if it will make an appearance. Other titles that have add on content are on the Eshop. I'm wondering if this is indication that we will not receive it.

So in short: will black ops 2 for WiiU get DLC? And if so how will it be implemented without the game itself on the eshop? And will it be coming to the Eshop?

Thanks in advance. I know you guys are doing your best with the game.

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That questions been asked more than a few times...would be impossible to miss it if 3arc just glances at these forums.  Seems if we were getting it we would be made aware, so obviously the question is being avoided intentionally, if that good or bad who really knows but it looks to me like we won't.

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well how about answering the question? Is there going to be DLC?

Thats twice now that youve commented in a DLC thread without answering any questions about it.

Maybe something like "We're looking at it" or "we have alot of exisitng issues to iron out before we look at adding this"  etc etc , even if its No then at least its a repsonse.

Silence speaks louder than words my friends, hope I'm wrong but it doesnt feel good.

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By the way, your game is great. It just has a few issues here and there. Don't let the haters get to you and the Wii U team. Just fix the Wiimote/lag issues some people are having and the game will be golden.

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A_Trey_U wrote:

I posted today that we are working on the next patch, which should include any updates/fixes made to the other platforms up to this point.

Forget new maps, have you seen the videos of the ridiculous lag comp issues? Will this be worked on in the very near future, along with the obsurd matchmaking and spawn issues?

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