BO2 Unlock Progression

Black Ops II Wii-U

BO2 Unlock Progression

Level 4


Type 25 (AR)

SWAT-556 (AR)


PDW-57 (SMG)


MK48 (LMG)

R870 MCS (Shotgun)

Saiga 12 (Shotgun)

SVU-AS (Sniper)

DSR-50 (Sniper)

Five-Seven (Pistol)

TAC-45 (Pistol)

SMAW (Launcher)

FHJ-18 AA (Launcher)

Lightweight (Perk 1)

Hardline (Perk 1)

Toughness (Perk 2)

Cold Blooded (Perk 2)

Dexterity (Perk 3)

Extreme Conditioning (Perk 3)

Perk 1 Greed (Wildcard)

Grenade (Lethal)

Semtex (Lethal)

Concussion Grenade (Tactical)

Smoke Grenade (Tactical)

Level 5

Blind Eye (Perk 1)

Level 6

Sensor Grenade (Tactical)

Level 7

Scorestreaks unlocked, this entire tier is streaks


Hunter Killer

Care Package

Lightning Strike


VTOL Warship

Level 8

Fast Hands (Perk 2)

Level 9

Sentry Gun (Streak)

Level 10

Perk 2 Greed (Wildcard)

Level 11

EMP Grenade (Tactical)

Level 12

Lodestar (Streak)

Level 13


Perk 3 Greed (Wildcard)

Level 14

Engineering (Perk 3)

Level 15

Guardian (Streak)

Level 16

Vector (SMG)

Level 17

Combat Axe (Lethal)

Level 18

Overkill (Wildcard)

RC-XD (Streak)

Level 19

B23R (Pistol)

Secondary Gunfighter (Wildcard)

Level 20

Tactical Mask (Perk 3)

Level 21

Stealth Chopper (Streak)

Level 22


Primary Gunfighter (Wildcard)

Level 23

Shock Charge (Tactical)

Level 24

Hellstorm Missile (Streak)

Level 25

Crossbow (Special)

Tactician (Wildcard)

Black Hat PDA (Tactical)

Level 26

Hard Wired (Perk 2)

Level 27

AGR Drone (Streak)

Level 28


Danger Close (Wildcard)

Bouncing Betty (Lethal)

Level 29

Flashbang Grenade (Tactical)

Level 30

Warthog (Streak)

Level 31

M27 (AR)

Executioner (Pistol)

Level 32

Flak Jacket (Perk 1)

Level 33

Counter-UAV (Streak)

Level 34

KSG (Shotgun)

Assault Shield (Special)

Level 35

Trophy System (Tactical)

Level 36

Death Machine (Streak)

Level 37

Chicom CQB (SMG)


Level 38

Dead Silence (Perk 3)

Level 39

EMP Systems (Streak)

Level 40


RPG-7 (Launcher)

Level 41

C4 (Lethal)

Level 42

Orbital VSAT (Streak)

Level 43

Ballista (Sniper)

KAP-40 (Pistol)

Level 44

Scavenger (Perk 2)

Level 45

War Machine (Streak)

Level 46


Skorpion EVO II (SMG)

Level 47

Tactical Insertion (Tactical)

Level 48

Escort Drone (Streak)

Level 49

M8A1 (AR)

Ballistic Knife (Special)

Level 50

Awareness (Perk 3)

Level 51

K-9 Unit (Streak)

Level 52

M1216 (Shotgun)

XPR-50 (Sniper)

Level 53

Claymore (Lethal)

Level 54

Swarm (Streak)

Level 55

AN-94 (AR)

Ghost (Perk 1)

I could say which part caused me to start laughing like a maniac, but I'm sure you all know.

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Re: BO2 Unlock Progression

in reply to porkins_d

I'm guessing it's ghost being unlocked at level 55.

Cujos unlocked at level 51.

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Re: BO2 Unlock Progression

in reply to porkins_d

Nice job on this, porkins! I had the same thought as fissure...

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Re: BO2 Unlock Progression

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now i wounder how the prestige tokens work. do they perminitly unlock or do you still need to beat the levelgate but dotn need to spend a unlock token to unlock it?

most wanted and favorits near the end. guess this practicly garntees vereity.

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Re: BO2 Unlock Progression

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at level 4 do you sart with 1 of each unlocked and 1 locked for a token, or do they all need tokens right away.

this is kind of important. with level gates then some things, espicialy ghost, has been nerfed to practicly nothing, like QS in BO. BO 3 will be much more likly to eather A get it right or B, underdo the nerf.

if it goes through gates then it should be overall okay. the things i want most are mostly mid level things.

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Re: BO2 Unlock Progression

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EMP Grenade at lvl 11

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Re: BO2 Unlock Progression

in reply to porkins_d

My puppies at lvl 51 D:

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