Another broken challenge?

Black Ops II Wii-U

Or is Treyarch just being a smartass, just like the backfire medals?

I have been using the laser sight attachment and would be nice to get the damn title for the xp reward.

So, yesterday I created a class with one weapon.


Before using this class, I checked out my progress, 113 kills while this attachment equipped.

I played Hardpoint, 9 matches of nothing but mindless killing, finished up few of these games with 50 + kills, all I did was use this same class with just M27, I avoided using the knife, I only got few frag kills with thrownbacks and thats i, everything else was M27, combinations of hipfiring and ADS. 9 Victories in a row, how proud I was, yet I could help noticing that I still haven't gotten the title.

I went to barracks and for christ sake, 117 kills, I've made progress for 4 kills, 9 matches overall kill count would be around 30 and this is the progress I've achieved?

So, what is it that I did wrong with this one?

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