4 Golden Seals on Rooftop

Black Ops II Wii-U

4 Golden Seals on Rooftop

There are 4 golfen seals on the roof. 2 that have dog icons (corresponding with the dogs at the very beginning in front of the door): 1 zombie soldier, and 1 symbol that is repeated on the elevator tops. What do we do?

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Re: 4 Golden Seals on Rooftop

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galvaknuckle to activate?

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Re: 4 Golden Seals on Rooftop

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so what i found was a total of 6 symbols so far.

2 chinese dogs

      1. near 2 eleveators on top of roof  

     2. near the power box for obelisk tower.

2 zombies

     1 outside of the 1st door you can open

     2. to the left of the stairway on the roof (if looking at the stairs)

4 chinese symbols which say lucky (step sister is chinese) each say the same thing

     1. outside 1st door able to be opened

     2. after drop off near transmission tower

     3. on elevator in the corner of the building (corner the dragons tail points to)

     4. elevator nearest to power switch

(there may be one on top of quick revive, need to check that asap)

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