Stop the game from freezing on PS3's

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Stop the game from freezing on PS3's

Thank you for tryingly  to destroy mine and my friends ps3s by making it contastanly freeze with your poor game. You should be a shamed of yourselves and recall all the copies of this game refund everyone and start again from scratch, yes it's that bad

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Re: Stop the game from freezing on PS3's

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  • Please insure that you check these two featured threads and provide information related to the issue if you can. There are multiple threads with the same content as this one, so it will be locked. Please contribute to an existing thread.

PS3: Tracking hard lock information. [Looking for reproducible steps.]

PS3: Servers Unavailable Info Thread

Here is the support link also, always helps to file a ticket with them and check the Knowledge Base too Support for Black Ops 2 Hub

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