FAQ: Where should I post?

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FAQ: Where should I post?

Hello Community,

Below is a breakdown of our current sub-forums. This resource exists to help you decide where best to post. Feel free to contact a moderator to discuss any special or circumstantial posts if needed.

Please keep in mind as you post that we have the right to remove or edit anything at our sole discretion.

Platform Specific Content

Notes: Each of these sub-forums will feature general discussion from your peers per platform. Topics can range from play style discussion to technical questions for the specific platform.

Zombies Content

Clan Content

    • Clan Sub-Forum
      • This sub-forum is for topics related to the creation, advertisement and organization of clans and clan events.

Multi-platform Content

    • ELITE Sub-Forum
      • This sub-forum is for topics related to the Call of Duty ELITE service.
    • General Discussion Sub-Forum
      • This sub-forum is for topics related to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 that are not platform specific. This is a perfect place for general ideas and user generated content such as machinima and montage work.

Customer Support

Everything Else

    • Off Topic Sub-forum
      • This forum is for everything else you could want to discuss that doesn't fit above. Talk about other games by different developers or find out what someone's favorite snack is. (Hint: Tacos.)
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