why am i still band for something i did not even do

Black Ops II Technical Support


i have been trying to get my profile unban for like a year and it really pisses me off i put years in to ranking up on that profile it gets hacked cause of the crap sony sacurity at the time i finnaly get my account back after having to go threw sony and everything get it back to find out im ban permanintly on the black ops 2 servers along with a few other online game servers that i only got a short week or so long ban on since it was the only offence on the account  i had never had any isues before so whatever the person who tried to take my accout may have done i should not have been perminitly ban i now have a new account but i lost everything on that old accout and i would just really like to have that back and have been trying for a year to get it back but with no luck at all i even went out and got a diffrent ps3 so there would not even be any trace of modded stuff on the system just incase it was like a system ban linked to that account cause as i said a year ago the old ps3 was modded wen i got it but i did not use modds never even tried if theres any way i could get some help that would be amazing....

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