"Clan name denied due to prohibited text"

Black Ops II Technical Support

So when I got on black ops 2 earlier I played until I was level 27. During that time I made my clan tag "pony".

However, I got off for a couple of hours. When I got back on my clan tag was now blank, I attempted to make it "pony" again and received 'clan tag denied due to prohibited text'.

I even tried stupid little workarounds, like p0ny and poni, and neither worked. All were banned.

Why are these clan tags banned? I can make my clan tag anything else.

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I had this problem too just now, wouldn't let me make PONY a clan tag, I just now put Pony as a tag and it ended up working, maybe it's unbanned now. . .

*edit* scratch that, it's banned again. . .making me think of taking the game back and asking for a refund if stuff like this isn't fixed.

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Same here man treyarch needs to improve this game I can't even put NGGz but mw3 let's me come on I want to snap this game in half it's the worst game ever made! Hurry up and fix it now before I call an ac130 on my disc!!!!

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