XiCons-One of the best clans in the game still is not showing up on clan leader boards! WTF! FIX THIS PLEASE!!!

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XiCons-One of the best clans in the game still is ...

My clan is one of the best clans on COD Elite and yet I have not been on the clan leader boards, or even had a clan page that was working correctly yet!!!!!! All that the people in the support chats can say is it must be my computer!!!!!!!!! lol ok.... well when other people in my clan try to look us up they do not see us on the leader boards either!!!!!! My clans stats as of now are 2.10 K.D and about 400 SPM..... If I was able to manage my clan for once the stats would be closer to 3.0 K.D. and over 400 K.D!!!!!!!!!!! Top 5 Clan and still wont show up on the leader boards!!!!!!!!!!! Who do I have to talk to to fix this problem????? I cannot even transfer the clan leadership to my other account because this accounts stats are not even good enough to be in this clan!!!!!! Man I was hoping COD Elite was going to be better with all of the changes that were made but I guess I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! If you know what I need to do to fix this, or someone I can talk to please contact me!!!!!

GT is: xi Gang Bangin

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