Players deserve a news release about Probation

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Players deserve a news release about Probation

     The Call Of Duty Black Ops2 team to publish an official statement on your web site that lets players know that you are working on the issue officialy.  We don't need lip service or excuses, we need results from you.  Alot of players who get kicked off the servers and penalized are upset.  And we need you to do something about it.  Again, we don't need lip service, we need a PLAN from you guys about what you are going to do, because alot of players feel that you JUST DON'T CARE.

      For some reason, the first time I logged in today I was immediately on Probabtion.  Then I got kicked off the servers in my first game, and again, probation.  What is the plan to fix this?  What have the "BEST AND BRIGHTEST," that engineered one of the most popular and best selling games of all time, going to do to ensure that we aren't getting penalized for something out of our control.  Don't tell us to download a fix, don't tell us to upgrade our connections.  We paid our money, we deserve to enjoy your product.  We deserve an official response from you.  Again; if you can engineer such a best selling game, you can engineer us an OFFICIAL response about how you plan to alleviate this problem.  It's disgraceful.

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Re: Players deserve a news release about Probation

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Hello Enabler,

Probation bans were implemented to prevent players from joining/leaving in rapid succession to save their KD ratio. Unfortunately, certain players who have been experiencing latency issues have also been affected by this.  Keep in mind that all that occurs with a probation ban, is a brief 1-2 hours of restriction in joining a game….nothing else. We appreciate your patience, and can assure you we are working diligently to resolve this.^JG

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