PS3 Problem and now this...

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PS3 Problem and now this...

As we all know... There is many problems with the PS3 version.

Lagging In lobby

Cant Access Emblems


Freezing in lobby

Freezing on loading Screens

Host keeps disconnecting and then hard freeze at the next loading screen.

and now I just recieved a Warning, that states if I keep quitting matches before they are over. I will be put on probation that will not allow me to play league play or normal online match up games. I have not quit a single match, I have been disconnected from more matches that I get to finish.

This really rustled my jimmies

Get it sorted plz activision and treyarch

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Re: PS3 Problem and now this...

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Please reference the PS3: Tracking hard lock information thread and follow the outlined instructions given.

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