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I've just seen this and fear the same has happened to me. I followed the instructions to the letter yet I havnt recived my camo. I think this is quite frankly a scam by the retailers and terrible support by Activision. I wasn't fully informed by either party which is disgusting. Why they didn't just have the camo on XBL marketplace I don't know. Truly ripped off. I wont pre-order a Call of Duty game ever again.

Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/


allharshhash Oct 24, 2013 3:09 PM (in response to OGHuxtable)

also if you want it my convo with activision support

Chat Started: Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 01:00:09 (-0700)

Chat Origin: Call Of Duty EN Auth

Agent: Agent

( 30s ) Agent : Activision Support reporting for duty!

( 36s ) Agent : Hi there, my name is [Removed by Moderator.]. How may I help you?

( 46s ) Customer : hello case number [Removed by Moderator.]

( 1m 21s ) Agent : Let me check it out for you, kindly provide two to three minutes for this, thanks

( 2m 15s ) Customer : i was not long ago speaking to support who told me i cant get the camo because its past redemption date yet the store i bought it from says you need to redeem it before nov 4th

( 2m 30s ) Customer : 2013

( 3m 41s ) Agent : I have checked your case, and in the existing documentation for your case, I can see here that you have pre ordered the standard edition of the game. Correct?

( 3m 51s ) Customer : yes

( 4m 45s ) Agent : I see, alright. The thing is that the Ghost camo promotion for pre ordering the standard edition is stopped September of this year, and for the presitige edition it is on the 4th of November.

( 6m 2s ) Customer : that isnt fair i got a code for it cant you give it to me anyway if your still giving it to other people

( 6m 57s ) Agent : I do apologize, this is the retailers discretion to inform players or poeple who will be pre ordering that the ghost camo promotion for the standard edition has stopped. September this year.

( 7m 9s ) Customer : also it says nothing on the site i bought it from about it only being prestige

( 7m 50s ) Agent : I understand, this is the retailer's job. They should have informed player about this.

( 7m 59s ) Customer : so even tho i got a code you aint giveing it to me

( 9m 9s ) Customer : its not like it would cost you

( 9m 14s ) Agent : If you have pre ordered he standard edition, which the code for it has expired. The site will accept the code but the camo will not appear as the code has already expired. The site is for prestige edition of the game.

( 9m 37s ) Customer : ok

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