No Clan xp for daily challenges.

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No Clan xp for daily challenges.

Okay, I am the leader of my own clan I make sure that I am enlisted in the upcoming ops. I get Elite full site up on my tablet so I can check on my progress throughout the games. I make sure that I am in the correct type of lobby.I play the games get the required amount of kills / confirms / captures whatever it is. I refresh my tab after every single game. some times it takes a while for the leaderboard to show what i have. On some of the ops I am rewarded the XP but on most of them even though it says that I have the required amount of whatevers I do not get any Xp. I have just looked on Elite on xbox and it is saying that I did not get any whatevers on alot of the challenges even though on the tab it was saying I have met the requirements. Is anyone else having this issue?

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