How do i file a complaint about multiplayer online servers?

Black Ops II Technical Support

Over the past 3-4 months I have been witnessing a very sharp decline in the way the servers function while playing public matches online. Almost every match has a considerable amount of lag and intermittent conception for every player not just myself. If it's not the lag or erratic connection then it's random server disconnects or UI errors. However I have never seen it as bad as it is right now with the launch of backward compatibility on the One. This should not be happening as frequently as it does with the amount of revenue this game brings in. So my question is how do you file a complaint or ask for maintenance? I personally won't pick this game back up until this issue is resolved or at least looked into. 

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I don't think they will. It's been kicking me from basically every game for the past month. And I've complained multiple times on it.

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They don't care.

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My game will not start right before it starts a keeps relapsing over and over again I'm able to talk to people online but not able to play can you please help me I would like to keep my gamertag names that I have

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