How Do I Get Nuketown 2025 Back?

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How Do I Get Nuketown 2025 Back?

i recently bought a new xbox and when i have gone to play black ops 2 it doesn't let me play nuketown in a private match or online. I downloaded the map on my old xbox and tried retrieving it on this new one but says that the code has already been redeemed. Anybody know how I can get it back?

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Re: How Do I Get Nuketown 2025 Back?

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You can re-download Nuketown 2025 from your Xbox Download History:

  1. On your console, sign in to Xbox LIVE using the gamertag that you used when you originally purchased/redeemed the content.
  2. Go to Settings, and then select Account.
  3. Select Download History.
  4. Browse your download history. If you want to download something again, select the item, and then select Download Again.

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