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Elite 0 SPM?

Is anyone else having their recent matches show mistakes? For one, it doesn't show the same kills/deaths as in the game. Also, instead of showing Victory or Defeat it says Round 1. (This is on Kill Confirmed, which doesn't have rounds.) Third, it shows my SPM in several consecutive matches as 0 SPM. I'm pretty sure I had over 600spm in some of these matches, as I ended with over 7000 points. If they don't show up on the recent matches, does this mean they won't be counted towards the average SPM?  Or will they be averaged in as 0spm per each of these matches with no registered score? This means the stats on Elite and on the leaderboards (if they are directly connected) are inaccurate, which is a real shame. Hopefully this gets fixed soon...

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Re: Elite 0 SPM?

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I've had the same problem.

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