Custom Games - Issues

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Custom Games - Issues

My friends and I relax with Custom Games and play it quite a bit.  There are a couple of things that we have noticed that cannot be changed and hope that they could be adjusted in future patches.  We are on the PS3.

- Melee:

     There are settings for almost everything.  You can turn on "headshots only" - why can you not toggle melee kills on and off.  For instance, we will set up 9 bots with everything locked out except the Executioner pistol.  Regardless of the bot skill level set, the bots will still choose to run around with knives only (we also turned off the attachment for the gun and knife combo).  They will NEVER draw a pistol - just a simple knife.  We tried every combination of attachment and perk options.  We want a pistol game just like sometimes we like a headshots only game.  This "should" be an easy fix, I would imagine.

- Grenades:

     This one is wierd.  I guess let me explain what is going on first.  I will start out with the default custom game settings and adjust with solely the focus on locking out all lethals and tacticals.  Then continue adjusting the other settings for the game.  I save the custom so I can come back to play it later without wasting time going through all the settings again.  Every saved game played has grenades in the actual game played, but they are shown restricted when I back out to check if the boxes are ticked.

This seems to happen with only saved customs.  When a custom is created from the default settings without saving - the grenades are not allowed.  It's just a huge pain to have to set up all the settings before a match everytime.  That's the purpose of the save feature.  We went as far as clearing out all of the global preset gun loadouts so they were blank thinking that's what the bots use.  (We also did this with the pistols too.  We made the global preset loadouts with only Executioners - nothing).

Thanks for the time and I hope the community has any advise or the devs can help with these in the future.

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Re: Custom Games - Issues

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Hi BadAppleHead, thank you for taking the time to contact us with such a detailed description! We do understand there are some issues currently with custom games, and we can certainly forward your comments along to the proper parties for investigation.

We realize even small things can be maddening! Thanks for your understanding, and we appreciate your dedication! ^NM

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Re: Custom Games - Issues

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I have the same problem.

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