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@Treyarch Hi. I preordered blackops 2 about one month ago and I was told at my local EB Games (GameStop) if I wanted to upgrade to the "Prestige Edition" (now known as the Care Package Edition) that I had to put a $30 deposit. So I did that and 24 hours ago the announcement of the collectors editions were made so today I went into EB Games and they tried to tell me kindly "sorry we're already sold out". I explained how I put the extra money down to get upgraded to the Care Package edition but they said "sorry you've only been upgraded to the Hardened Edition". Ive been totally furthered cos I can't find it anywhere!! Please can you help me secure one or tell me you're gonna be releasing a bit more? Thanks

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id stick with the hardened what so special with the prestige edition a fancy looking box and a very easily breakable toy

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Yes you're 100% right BUT I'm a gamer and an avid "collectors edition" collector. I have basically all the good (and some not so good) collectors editions to date. So this care package was a must have (being a big COD fan and a collector). I just managed to find one on for $200 shipped to Australia. With the current exchange rate in Australia compared with us dollar, I just saved $30!! I'm just waiting for amazon to contact me now and say "sorry we're already sold out we just hadn't updated out site yet". Lol lol

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Hey mate i to just got one off amazon but i am wondering weather we are going to have problems with the game it self and dlc when playing it in australia.

I have herd that they are area coded.

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It's not region locked on the ps3 don't know for the xbox but if you do get it on ps3 you will just need to get the dlc according to if its blus or bles code

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Do you have any other stores near you?  Like Best Buy, Walmart, K-mart etc?  They all seem to still have them, just cancel your preorder at EB/GS and go to one of those other stores.

Good luck man.

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there will be plenty of the r/c's on ebay when it's released mines going on there as i just want the box ...

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there's nothing that treyarch or activision can do, you have to take this up with gamestop

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