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Broken Spawns...

This is for PS3 users as far as I know, I'm sure XBOX is experiening the same.

This issue is a steady with any CoD game. But Black Ops 2, by far has the worst of it. During some of my matches, most of which are ground war, but nonetheless its any game mode, I would spawn directly in front of enemy teams or somewhere close to the enemy. Some might not see this as bad, but when it comes reaction time, I'm a bit stunned to see an entire team darting towards me as soon as I spawn.

Another issue, people are beginning to figure out the spawn system for each map and potentially spawn kill an entire team.
My father and I, both have a copy of BOII, jumped into CTF match on Hijack. It was round two and the enemy team had an AGR, Loadster, and a Death Machine. Now I stayed for a moment but back out to avoid unnecessary anger. My father decided to remain in the game and try is best before beginning to observe the enemy team tactics.
Upon spawning, you would either die by claymore or bouncing betty. If you managed to get away from that, a nice Sentry Gun was waiting for you. This is close to the back of the boat at first. The enemy team would protect their lead guy, I think they were in a party to be honest, and protect him while he got and used a loadster. One guy would protect the underground deck constantly and quickly with a shotgun. The Death machine users covered the buildings and 1 guy would change the Sentry gun back between spawns. By spawns I mean, as soon as the Loadster ended, my father's team would spawn elsewhere. But by the time they spawned it would be over. I forgot to mention that the guy with the loadster held took the flag but never captured it

I'm curious as to what other maps this can be done on aside from Hijacked. I've had it happen to myself on TDM Hijacked before and somewhat on Slums.
Anyway, I'd just thought I'd point this spawn issue out

Perhaps Treyarch can make spawns completely random and not set, so that you can spawn away from the enemy and not in a knowable position.

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Re: Broken Spawns...

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This is an issue which can't be easily fixed, due to the pretty small maps in Blops2. But I agree with you, it's really annoying. We can just hope they listen to the community and make the best solution possible.

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Re: Broken Spawns...

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haha, CTF isn't even the worst of it dude. Demolition, nuketown, spawn campersssss. in demolition, there isn't even a spawn timer. what happened to me is that every player on the enemy team practically got either their K9 or their swarm out. it was plain disappointing. they had guardians and sentires guarding the spawn points, more than enough considering they got the top 2 scorestreaks constantly out in the field.

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