Black Ops 2 Keeps Freezing My PS3

Black Ops II Technical Support

Same here I just put in my disc and black ops 2 starts loading and then when u click multiplayer it freezes and I keep trying and just keeps doing the same thing and I have a bunch of friends on bo2 too so atvi can y’all help me out and fix it ???
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Ok but i have a diferant problem... Wen i get to the activision logo, like on the game warm up and stuff, it strait up frezees my CONSLE 

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i have the same issue 


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I did bro. Listen

Firstly open ps3 but it doesn't connect with internet.

Open call of duty.

Start game and see multiplayer menu then connect internet. After you can play the game


By niko





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Mine has been doing the same thing for about three weeks if it’s a new user it just doesn’t work and activations is too lazy to do anything about it because they’re not making money off the games anymore so personally I would not buy another game that’s activations

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