zombies is good BUT

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

zombies are quite good but a few points im confused with

why get rid of

-mule kick


-fire sale

-the hounds

-thunder gun!!

theres no special gun on town,bus depot or farm also i was thinking they would spice it up, i.e get to round 15 on farm then it unlocks a few more areas where u could pack a punch or get more perks. i kinda feel it might get boring quick and also atm the leaderboards arnt working for me as i got to round 31 on town im playing on a rental game but that shouldnt matter.

the design of the maps are good but i dont agree with some decisions, i think they should listen to the people who actually play zombies alot. maps like bus depot and farm are pretty boring anyone could design them. fresh ideas, who the hell is brain storming lol

wat do other zombie players think?

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its obvious that tranzit is the mode they really took time to develope, and that meant they had to slack in other area. Honestly at this point just be happy you can play. my ps3 is turning off every time.

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Warning could contain spoliers.
Fire Sale as far as i know is still in the game as i've got it on Nuketown and if i remember correctly TranZit (could be wrong with the latter, but 100% know i got it on Nuketown) and i havent really played the other maps.

Hounds were replaced by the new boss on TranZit.

No idea why they took out those 2 perks.

Thunder Gun has been replaced by the new Wonder Gun which is Jet Gun and as far as i know its only in TranZit (you build it by visiting the secret areas in between bus stops).

I believe they made they made the maps they way they are for TranZit as they fit all together in one big game mode having all maps, we will see new maps (obviously) but i still think they will be plain and simple as they will be added into another TranZit game mode (well im hoping for more TranZit modes).

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The hellhounds are still in the game, make a custom game and you'll have the option to toggle them on or off.

Fire sale wasn't that great of a powerup, gets people killed pretty often because they all rush for it.

Mule Kick was meh, it was an okay perk but just made things a bit complicated in the long run. comp

I completely agree on Flopper, with all that fire crap all over the place it'd fit perfectly.

The Thundergun...meh, I liked it, along with the Wunderwaffe and the Wave gun. This is the area that disappointed me with the game, the unique Wonder Weapon is only present in TranZit mode and has to be made and can be destroyed.

You do know you can PaP most weapons multiple times, right? And Tombstone is the most useful perk in the game now besides Jugg. Also, the galvaknuckles are amazing, 1 shot kill til round 14 for 6 grand? Hell yeah.

The map design is great though, don't know what's not to like. The simplistic feel of them is quite a welcome change from the norm. Bus Depot has that feel like Nacht Der Untoten in that it's very simple and offers no bonuses other than the box. Town has the Pack a Punch and all the perk machines minus Double Tap I believe(At least I've yet to see it, never really use that perk much). Farm is in the middle of the two in terms of what you have to work with and map design. Overall, I do like it, although I wish the PaP was in Farm as well.

I also wish the Diner was another map for Grief/Survival mode, especially considering it's highlighted on the map like it's supposed to be a playable level. Meh.

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