would this gamemode be fun?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

It's like defend the house or defend the hill. three players of the twelve are chosen randomly to be the defenders and two have snipers and one has a machine gun. they are spawned in the map's camping spot so if on nuketown, they would spawn in one of the buildings and the bus and truck would be removed. They each only get one life.

The attackers have smgs and cannot aim down sights.

they spawn in a safe place out of view and will charge the defenders. they have unlimited lives and have knives.

the game is won if the attackers kill the three defenders, or the defenders win if they can survive for 5 minutes. any defender who dies will be switched over to the other team, however if the attackers win the defender will get half bonus xp.

if the map has an open spot, like array the defenders can be surrounded by all sides.

the defenders cannot move out of their defending position.

(KD will not count towards stats because the attackers will have terrible kds)

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Pardon the pun....that's a noteworthy idea.

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good idea i would be a challenge

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id like this tbh. you know when you say if a defender dies they go to the other team... do you mean they join the rest of team to help defend the other 2? if not i dont get what u mean.

and not being able to aim down sights.. not everyone knows how to hipfire. i have a cousin who cant hipfire at all but is kinda decent when he aims.

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it sounds like the defenders would never win.

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