why do clan ops ?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

there's no benefit for doing clan ops. you go up against teams with better connections and are usually hosting. we get gold, but big deal, we all got crapped on. then you look at the elite page to see what kind of incentives there are to gain, and find that all you get is a freekin wall paper for clan hq.wtf.

ooh wow a gold clan tag. at least mw3 ops gave us dbl xp , titles, and emblems..our clan is no longer doing ops until they come up with a better incentive program..

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I agree, I just wish they would come out and say if the backgrounds are all there is or if there will be double xp or calling cards or anything to justify bothering with the clan stuff

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I second that! Although I am participating in clan ops upto level 10 to get the only worthwhile achievement of a gold clan tag, there is nothing else worth a second look. Im hoping that they will bring out titles and emblems in a patch in the near future like they done on MW3. Is there anyway of making activision aware of our views because im pretty sure EVERYONE will have the same view as us... Remember... Customer is always right

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