why are they deleting lag compensation threads cant you handle the truth.

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Been follow several threads tonight some with good valid views on lag compensation...... Its not fun being shot after shooting tons of bullets into an enemy and getting so called insta killed....sick of being brushed aside with no answers...You can delete post from here but the list of lag compensation videos are stacking up on you tube... Get it fixed or get it running like mw3 or even better mw2.... we are going backwards instead of forwards.

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Maybe because it's considered spamming and there are 100's of other posts that say the same thing.

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More like christmas is coming dont want to hurt sales and new DLC.....What im a supposed to do down grade my internet package... So ive got a better gaming connection ffs its unreal.

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Well, considering 99% of them are made by people who don't know what lag compensation is why should they be allowed to stay up and spread false information?

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The numbers speak for themselves.  You can't hide the fact that there are currently less than 400k online during doulbe xp weekend.  In the past there were usually 800k or more.  If the game isn't fun, people won't play.

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Yeah and dropping....So hiding under a rock and saying everything is alright is not the answer. Frustration is not the feeling you should be left with playing a game is it.

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Genrally there are 3 reasons why posts get deleted:

- Spam

- Nonesense

- Flaming (profanity and slander fall under this heading as well)

(using the terms as generally as I can)

Most Lag Compensation threads are either (or both) Spam and Nonsense because :

- Spam: How many threads do we really need to have? Especially when they bring no new information?

- Nonsense: Like it or not, most of the community has no idea (or a misconception of) what lag compensation really is or what it does (even though the answers are quite clear and readily available... people do not want to know what it really is because if they did, they could not complain about it).

People's views on something are nonsense if they stray from truth.... no matter how sensible they seem.

And for the record.. I have had some of my threads (on various topics) deleted as well... nonsense is nonsense...

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As other users in the thread have stated, multiple threads on the same topic are spam and will be removed. Also (and this is unfortunate) some posts have profanity or hostility, even threats, and those will be removed regardless of the content posted.


Support has this article for assistance with Multiplayer Lag. https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Lag-Occurs-in-Multiplayer-Game/?l=en_US&c=Game_Tit...

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