what about a toggle for joining game in progress!? if you allow people to choose if they want to join in progress, then you don't have to worry about people joining blowout games!? or, this would be a time to bring in the beasts!

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i don't like joining blownout matches as much as everyone else!  but it is damn near impossible to stop it from happening.  people don't dip out of games they are winning, only matches they are losing.  it's probably lag, maybe a dominant clan, or poor matchmaking that drives people to dip, but it will never change, so what is the answer?  i would suggest having people choose, so that it takes the burden off the developers!  or, this is the time to put the beast players in the mix with the new matchmaking system.  or, offer a instant rematch when a team is down by twenty kills!?

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I would love an option to only join lobbies instead of matches in progress. The most annoying of all is quitting a match just to be placed back in the same match...I left for a reason! Not only is it annoying to me, but since I just leave again - my team waits even longer for a replacement.

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i joined a game before at 3-31. didnt even take a step, just left game. no point hanging around to get murdered. i'll just take the loss and move on

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