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ultra fast paced forum

Has anyone noticed that there are so many topics the same that get repeated over and over ya ya ya ya. Is it down to the fast paced gaming ? every one hyped up and not bothering to actualy read (I,m guilty as charged) but post to rant,rave,moan and groan bla bla bla I dont like this, I dont like that, this should be banned,thats should also lol. WE NEED BIGGER MAPS!!!!! it may slow everything down a bit. well thats my rant over and no doubt there are many other topics on the same line.

ps And would someone please post a sticky about lost stats etc.

I,m done now, honestly

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Re: ultra fast paced forum

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Some people don't like to take the time and search their problem, idea, rant, etc. before posting one of their own. They just post it and wait for a response.

Threads with duplicate content is against the Code of Conduct and users can be banned for repeated offenses.

Call of Duty is centered around fast-paced gameplay and small maps. Don't expect that to change anytime soon.

There is an Announcement at the top of the Technical Support sub-forum addressing the multiplayer/zombie stat reset issue.

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