true target audience?

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Re: true target audience?

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thats pretty much my thought as well. just put a TEEN rating on the game and be done with it.

look at the cammo packs etc. As a mature gamer i'd rather have dlc content that added to the actual game play, not make my gun look a different color.

I saw a guy/kid with orange skin on his gun. He stuck out like a sore thumb. so easy to see, so easy to shoot.

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Re: true target audience?

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All the KiddieKamo packs are a sure sign they have a big push going on to sell to the kids. Every lobby has prepubescent voices talking trash or making stupid noises. I have to instant mute everyone in the lobby or I can't bring myself to play.

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Re: true target audience?

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This the push Treyarch took. They were only known for spiderman and Tony Hawk. You tell me if they sshould be taken seriously. The only high quality CoD games they had were while IW was given the crown (rightfully so). Since the whole debacle, look at the whole shift to disguise the lust for underage gamers, juveniles.

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