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Re: spawn trapping

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spawn trapping is taking advantage of bad programming and is a form of cheating.

i highly doubt the game was designed for this.

or the programmers had in mind to make spawns point so that spawn trapping possible.

its nothing more then partys/clans taking advantage of bad programming lol

seriously whats the difference with lag switching or the prestige glitch BS.

All could argue the game makes it possible

My solution if you are in a game like this , is to just back out.

The only reason people will call you a rage quittter is because there is 1 less person for them to padd the stats.

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Re: spawn trapping

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This is not entirely accurate (in fact, that IS how the devs have suggested the game be played...has been on COD wikis for years, and was also feature on EliteTV)

In some games (like demolition) it can be quite ridiculous because depending the defending team has to spawn near the bomb site or the game would be a blowout.  But because they HAVE to spawn in a certain place, the other team can infiltrate the spawn area and people cannot always safe spawn.

In Domination (in theory)*: You will spawn at your base flag unless someone is there, then the spawns can either flip or you can spawn in a neutral position (depending where the rest of your team is).  If a team does not push to the middle of the map and the enemy captures B and does not push to far past, your team will always spawn at your base flag.  This is how you can get trapped. it sucks, but it is your own teams fault for not pushing (often happens when a team is made up of random people who do not communicate).

What often happens in this case: 1 or 2 members of the uncoordinated team tries to push and they get slaughtered while the rest of the team stays safe at the base flag waiting for someone to try and cap it (which never happens against a team that is coordinated and knows what they are doing).  This essentially is a trapped team. And that is how to guarantee a loss at domination

When I play DOM, if I see I am the only one trying to cap B while the rest of the team goes to find some place to build a camp fire somewhere... I quit because I know what is going to happen.

Bottom Line: If your team gets trapped, it is not your individual fault... but it is your team's fault.  And that is how to lose at domination.

* On some maps (like hijacked) it is possible to get very close to the enemy spawn making it so an aggressive team can easily trap the enemy... almost to the point of spawn killing them.

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Re: spawn trapping

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lag switching?

Care to explain what you mean and your proof? or have you just been watching too many YouTube videos and listening to kids throwing accusations around?

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Re: spawn trapping

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I saw something just the other night that made me wonder if it was a lag switch or just some crazy lag moment.  A guy on Slums was running from the middle opening to the B flag from the A side and turned to go into the little building that looks at the B flag.  He was moving rediculously fast and blinking in and out the whole way.  If I hadn't been staring at that area, I would have missed him completely.  I still don't know which it was but he messed up and stopped.  So I shot him in the back and felt pretty good about it

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