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Black Ops II PlayStation 3

was wondering if you know the answer to this question - if i gameshare and i have all the mappacks for the bo2 year can the person who i gameshared from deactivate my ps3 off his account and i loose all bo2 mappacks if you can answer that would be awesome

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Not off his PS3 but he can do it off the internet through sony's site if he wanted and knew how to. If not, your not a problem...but you really shouldn't be gamesharing..

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thanks so much and ur talking about the ps3 reactiveate and deactivate sont tutorial rite

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the only way he can do it is by knowing your password and logging into psn on the website, he cant do it from the console even if he is on your user account, as long as you didnt let him know your password your good,

but the fact you asked this says you dont really trust this buddy so why would you do it

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whats the rules on gamesharing?

i didnt think we could do it??

how many ps3's can one purchase go on?

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