lag compensation and spawn points/spawn killing

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

lag compensation and spawn points/spawn killing

okay, so i figured out what I'm suffering from on bo2 is the lag;s terrible, every few seconds someone freezes then appears 10 feet away, it happens mostly when i'm about to try and kill an enemy then it looks like i was only shot once, when i view their kill cam it shows differently, this has to be fixed or i'm trading in my bo2, why should i get punished for having a good connection?

2nd. have most of you noticed and been the victim of random spawn point killing? it happens every game with me where i spawn in the middle of gunfire and before i can even turn im dead. the multiplayer experiance for bo2 is horrible a big joke, back to mw3 i go, if nothing gets done then bo2 will go back to gamestop just for some new sucker to buy it and then probably do the same thing several weeks later.

ps foxhound i looked to post this in a reporting thread but theirs no thread to report how much the lag comp messes up the experiance and takes away from the players.

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It sure does.

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