Black Ops II PlayStation 3


I was very upset how bad the lag was in mw3.

So I decided not to buy the next COD directly.

First test it and if the MP is playable i'll buy it. I only play MP, never played a campaign. Some friends pre-ordered it so i played at the launch.

It was great, the lag was so small. Feels a bit like mw3, because of the speed and some maps, but it was ok.

I had great games, had fun. they got me.

But then they gave us patch 1.03 on sunday, and the game is completly the opposite. I never had any freezing issues, i was happy with 1.02.

Now every game is lagging. When i join a party with freinds it is unplayable. (We live 5 minutes away to each other)

I only see heads and get hitmarkers but they don't die?

I think maybe they had in the first week more servers, so people can tell others how smooth it works.

Now they seld enough so they just shut down some servers, to sank the costs.

I see a mod answering too a question 2 hours ago on this forum, but to all the lags and if there a fixes and when there are they doesn't give us any answers.

They already gave up?

They don't care?

Whats going on at Treyarch Studios?

Dont you want to sell DLC'S?

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