for those of you still experiencing freezing problems........

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

A buddy of mine has the same original 40 gb fat boy ps3 that i have, he lives less than a mile frome me in the next neighborhood.  went to the same gamestop and got his pre ordered game same time as me. we both use time warner cable for internet.

on night one and to the present.,  my game still freezes up even after the patch,  in campaign mode freezes in multi after one match freezes.

my buddies froze on the first night, like mine and many others did.  he went to best buy, bought a 1 TB hard drive, put it in his ps3 and has not experienced any freezing issues or lag issues.  he actually does graphic game designing, worked for a couple years at red storm,

im thinking about doing this also....

i know alot of you would think you shouldnt have to spend 80 bucks to upgrad your hdd to play a game that should work at the start, and i agree, but in theory i need more space on my ps3 anyway,

so dont bomb me for suggesting to spend more money, im just offering something you can look into as a possible solution, if this doesnt work for me im just bringing the game back.......

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I think it's just a coincidence man.  I have a 3 month old slim with hardly anything on it freezing, and a fat 80gig that I up'd the hd to a 250 7200rpm that freezes also.  The old 80gig froze pre 1.03 and post and the slim started freezing after the 1.03 patch.

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