class action law suit!!!!!!!!!!

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

everyone that keeps getting screwed over by this company needs to do something about it. the last three call of duties have had major problems. dont let this go everyone needs to press this issue or stop supporting the companies that consistantly keep screwing their consumers over .  CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

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i object.

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The correct method of stop supporting the companies would be to STOP BUYING THERE PRODUCTS.

there is no way to do anysort of lawsuit over this They cover all that crap when you sign into the game.

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I knew this was coming.

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Good luck suing. They only have more money than God. And have the God of all Gods to protect it. My advice, better return your game. You don't want to sue a big wig company with a court appointed lawyer.

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Agreed, and signed.  Enough is enough.  Big companies need to be held accountable.  They take our money and give us crap.  And they lie on top of it.  According to them the servers are online and functioning fine, but we know this to be untrue.  Check the COD network status page, its like a kick in the balls.  LIE LIE, DENY DENY.

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although everyone here im sure shares your frustration, a class action lawsuit?? really?? treyarch didnt give you cancer knowingly and tried to hide it.  they diidnt do something that is deliberately harmful to your health or the enviroment like cigarettes. 

  if your that unhappy with it just return it.  gamestop eb within 7 days will give you your money back since its defective.

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Dont feed the troll people!

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Good luck kiddo.

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