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Black Ops II PlayStation 3

someone please explain to me why you can have a good/fair round and turn around and not be able to even draw your weapon the next round? what gives the game play has been horrible inconsistant at best. i always feel cheated that a billion dollar release can be so inconsistant. why!!!!!!!!!!!

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They think AAA Mass Scale Fps and Mass Scale Sale= cutting the corner on beta testing/small scale test probably geographically close as well almost like an extended LAN connection play. Giving the BETA test to the wrong people who PRAISE and play instead of LOOKING for mistakes. Release it early to IDIOTS who just play to post youtube videos with large views for CHEAP again CHEAP(Budget Cutting/easier for them/cheaper for them) advertising verses getting FEEDBACK to fix issues. If lag compensation was bad or even noticable on small scale and your going to enlarge your beta test scale by x100,000. That small problem becomes x100,000 worse.

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Because the people who started this franchise are no longer around. These guy made Spiderman... Buff said.

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can you imagine if the originals were still around, connectivity would have been honed to absolute perfection by now, we would all just be debating perks and guns, maps, its the most strangest thing we have taken 3 steps back now, what was so special about the originals that could make these games tick online, its like they had secret ingredients and are sworn to secrecy.

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I don't know why they can't just copy the same net code used in those old games, because they worked fine.

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