are there going to be any more zombie maps/are there already any?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

i notice that green run is in a world which looks like you'll be able to choose other options rather than going into green run which looks to me like there could be more zombie maps coming out, or is there already more zombie options other than green run as i dont want to be missing out.

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usually bro.  they normally go three map packs for mp, so that leaves the forth for zoms.

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Theres Nuketown 2025 zombies, i think you had to preorder hardened edition but most likely its in season pass as well as all future map packs which comes with the season pass. That is if treyarch is not lying about that as well.

We dont have Nuketown 2025 and the bonus chaos moshpit has been removed as of the latest patch. Anyways I will probably eventually quit black ops 2, their making it crappier with every update.

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