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Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hey Everyone, I'm here to explain how the ranking system works for zombies and after days of watching little changes, i have figured it out.

Let's start off at the beginning, You begin as one bone, from there if you do decent you WILL go to the Cross Bones and shortly after the Plain Skull.

Now this is where it gets interesting, you 'CANNOT go any higher than the plain skull, without 5 tally marks.  Tally Marks represent the number of days you have played continuously, and you will gain a tally mark after you have completed a game of zombies each day wether or not you do good or bad.

Once you have gained the 5 tally marks you will instantly gain blue eyes onto your skull, now let me make it clear that you 'CAN de-rank from a Plain Skull if you play terribly, but even if you manage that when you get back to the skull you will still have your blue eyes, as long as you keep the tally marks up.

You cannot rank up from the plain skull to anything else without the 5 tally marks. So you need them tally marks up... to rank up..

Another very important factor i should add is that you might have noticed that people have a plain skull with a knife through his head, with no blue eyes? Well there is an explanation, you lose them eyes if you don't play at least 1 game each day, You need 5 tally marks to keep the blue eyes, and you will keep losing tally marks if you do not play a game each day. You will de-rank from in-activity only if you lose all 5 tally marks, and you will continue to de-rank a level each day after that.

By my knowledge the last rank is a Skull with two shotguns, there is no more than 6 ranks as suggested in earlier videos and blogs, because the blue eyes are not a rank,  they represent continuous game play, and the conclusion.. there is sadly.. only 5.

Single Bone:

Cross Bones:


Skull + Knife:

Skull + Shotguns:

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