Why has this never been implemented in a COD?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Why have the devs from either team never thought of making it possible to run through teammates? I cannot even count how many times I have died because of a stupid teammate in my way. This should be in every FPS Multiplayer personally.

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It was never a problem until mw3.

Mw2 was perfect.

Black ops 1 wasnt a problem either.

But I agree with you.

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     People seem to like to stand in doorways and look out ADS.  I've resorted to just shooting them in the back of the head to get through.  This obviously isn't a viable option in core though.

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Thank you.

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Make the maps bigger and less cluttered and this wouldn't be a problem. Look at Overflow and how tight the spaces are in the allyways, or look at Hijacked where you can't move 10ft without have to duck and dodge teammates.

People don't realize how important map design is and because of this the map design process is greatly taken for granted

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