Why do developers bother catering the game to specific groups?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

The way I see it, you can never make everyone happy.  If you catter to one group, your just going to piss off all the others.  This is true for all facets of life.  Just make the game the way that makes logical sense, and let everyone be happy or angry with the decision.

For example, why make whats already the worlds fastest FPS more about run and gun, when there are plenty of fans who like to play slower with precision.  Or, why bother implementing a system that penalizes/rewards players over factors they have no control over. 

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Good post, I agree this game is much more hectic than I initially thought or expected. All I can say is perhaps thats the evolution of the COD series, fast in your face type gaming.

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I don't think there's ever been a question that this is the 'evolution' of this series. Since COD4: MW it's been all about fast paced, run & gun. Each new title faster than the previous one.

I'm not exactly sure which side of the coin  the OP is on because he's fairly vague, but I'm pretty sure that one of the biggest complaints heard is about camping. Each new title adds something new to try and make camping more and more difficult. It's a simple response to player's demands. Decisions are made that please the majority.

No doubt it's impossible to please everyone so the only thing the developers (any game developer) can do is try to please the majority. No way would it be a solid decision to do anything to make the minority of players happy while turning away the majority of consumers for the product. The people want faster pace, the people get faster pace.

One thing I don't understand is developers building a game with certain aspects and then after it's released, completely revamping or totally abolishing the new changes they've implemented. Wishy-washy developers end up pissing everyone off and running a game straight to the graveyard.

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I totally agree. They wanted to make the game a certain way and cater to a small group, but I think they under estimated how the much larger part of the community loves to abuse and exploit things. They kept using words like strategy, competitive, and skill based; but they ended up with a chaotic game that's almost the opposite. From my experience games are filled with rushing around corners hip spraying players that are basically trading kills Or head glitchers with these high tech sites. I just hope once the connections get better that the gameplay will settle down and be more enjoyable.

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From my experience you're pretty much describing evry COD game ever made. They're all about fast paced action and quick reflexes. Actually, ALL shooters nowadays have taken to this design. Strategic planning and heavily thought out tactics are something from the PS2 era that this current generation of 'gamers' doesn't find attractive.

No one wants to (well some of us do, but not enough) play games any more that require real stealth, planning, strategy, cunning and calculating the enemy's moves. It takes too much thought and it's a slow way to play. This is a fast paced world and people want quick 10 minute matches with 20-30 kills. No one wants 20-30 minute matches with 5-10 kills any more (again...some of us do, but not enough to build a multi-million dollar game for).

I remember games (*cough*SOCOM*cough*) that really required actual strategy and planning and calculating/predicting enemy movements. I loved them and wish we would see some nowadays. However, the ADHD generation of 'gamers' today have no patience for that sort of game. People just don't want to think when playing games, they want to move fast, kill fast, die fast and respawn fast.

Hell, people don't even want to play CTF any more because they don't want to be bothered with silly things like objectives, slowing the game down. When they do play objective games it's only because they know it's easy kills to boost their KDR. Nope....the thinking shooter is no more!

No more 1 square mile maps with 8 players, now it's 10 square meters with 18 players. It's why we all have to suffer through 200 'Hijacked' maps a day...small maps, lots of kills. Every COD game since MW1 has been making smaller maps with faster spawning at closer ranges to cater to more and faster kills. It's all about fast reflexes and fast respawns....get used to it because I don't think it's going to change any time soon (as much as I wish like Hell it would).

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It's corporate strategy.  Like it or not, it's how smart businesses work...you aren't trying to make everyone happy, you're trying to make as many people as possible happy enough.  Basically, make your product appeal to more people while not completely alienating your current customers.

Same reason McDonald's has "McCafes" and fruit swirlies & crap now, but doesn't carry cult favorites like the McRib full time.  Or why Metallica cut their hair, start putting out lame music, and then wound up suing kids for sharing it without permission.  In both cases these moves ticked off a number of their long-time consumers, but the majority kept buying their stuff while the changes brought in boatloads of new customers.

It's also the result of basic human nature.  The loudest people are always the ones who want change; most folks don't bother to tweet Vahn & say, "Hey, I loved everything about Black Ops 1, don't change a thing!"  But people who were angry at "corner camping ghost b****es" and "maps that are too big" have been bombarding him for the last 2 years.  Plus Activision has really been trying to pump up the whole MLG thing as a way to get CoD out to an even bigger audience, so they want smaller maps for more action-filled gameplay.

In the end, it's sort of the same reason that Michael Bay movies do so well in America: they're crap artistically, each one is basically the exact same as the ones before, and they don't really require any thought while watching...but they have lots and lots of big explosions, and people keep handing over their money because of that.

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Its funny you mention McDonalds, because something is happening to them now that I am sure we'll see with Activison. 

Right now, McDonalds is under scruteny for marketing to children due to unhealthy food.  As a result, they are starting to cater to the group.  Five years from now, McDonalds and its McCafe's will be catered more towards non family customers.  You know what happens then???  McDonalds will get scrutenized for not being family friendly...

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because people are selfish and like ruining a good thing.... like america but only smaller

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Personality and how someone plays tends to go hand in hand. I'm a quiet person who thinks a lot. I analyze every game and try to anticipate the enemy. This means I'm slow and methodical with my actions and overall playstyle. When something goes wrong I tend to do nothing about it don't care, and continue on

Rusher's are careless, rash and vocal. They're the types of players I often see trash talking in the pre-game lobbies and the ones going apeshit on the forums. They often don't look at the big picture but think for themselves and how they want something to work. The fail to even try and understand other people's playstyles

Based on my theor you can see why the game is how it is. Those on the forums who support camping and are vocal about it are few and far between. Rusher's often are the ones who ask for things to be done and since the Campers are quiet and introverted they don't speak up. This then makes it look like more people support a cause than there really are

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