Why aren't boosters being dealt with?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

He hacked then, not boosted, I'm just saying not everyone boosts or hacks.

If he didn't, then you need to check your math as stated above, and maybe the play time didn't update properly, that has happened to be before.

Also depends on what your average k/d is,how you play objectively, and other stuff.

I went from level 30 - 39 "About to reach 40" in about 5-7 games which ended quickly because we whooped tail

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leveling is pretty easy, if i get into games where i can do well, ill lvl up about every other game till about the 50's then its every 3rd or 4th but im not that great of a player.

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i like when a member of my team is 1-30 and never moves after spawning while a member on the opposite team goes 45-3.


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there are soooo many boosters in this game and nobody gets punished. I reported like 30 guys since release, wrote down the name of the biggest boosters and checked their stats regularly. They're boosting every day like it's no one's business but they've never been reset or anything. WTF!?!?

I mean I don't believe that there can't be a system that automatically identifies boosters. Like when 2 guys are boosting with tac inserts and one guy kills the other one like 20 times a minute.

This is ruining parts of the game. Titles, emblems, camos, leaderboards etc. aren't worth anything. On top of that I have to back out of every 3rd mercenary game because there are boosters. Ridiculous. Even more ridiculous that Treyarch isn't doing anything about it. There should be much more harsh penalties for boosters, cheaters, hackers. Console bans shouldn't be out of question for boosting, even if they get caught for the first time. Those idiots will never learn that lesson if they escape unscathed every time.

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So take what you see and report, multiply that by the other legit players who take the time to report whatthey see.

Now imagine the size of that list and assign someone to review game films for each report and asses bans, resets etc.

How long will it take to go through them all?

Answer: Forever. They keep coming in!

In all honesty, if you are really making a list and checking it twice, you are griefing yourself over something you have little to no control over other than how much emotional equity you invest with an almost gaurantee of a zero return. Report in game, move on with your game.

I disagree about badges and such, legit players know they earned them just like boosters know they did not and the only person my stats really matter to is me.

The e-peen is a lie, that's why I stuck mine in the cake long ago.

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A lot of the boosting seems blatantly obviously to me.  Most of them involve the same 2 guys with a tactical insertion. 

Lots of times you can tell these people are using multiple accounts.  There is one guy who is doing the killing, and the one guy sacrificing himself via tactical insertion and they have variations on the exact same name. 

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