Why are shot guns soooo OP

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

One map shouldn't try to accomodate everything though. If you're good at designing a map you would understand that maps should force you to do certain things. By trying to accomodate to everything you inturn accomodate nothing.

Some maps should give advantage to sniping, some to ARs, some to LMGs, some to SMGs and Shotguns. This forces players to adapt and learn new skills. In doing so players learn to appreciate aspects they might not have appreciated previously.

Those who want to be one-demensional  need to get over themselves, this is why Black Ops II is failing so hard. Rushing was fun when not everyone was doing it. You could thrive amongst those who weren't willing to adapt

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Maps like Seelow in W@W were the best.  Large, with open areas for snipers as well as houses and other areas for close combat.  Best of both worlds.  In BO2 I feel like I am forced to pick route 1, 2 or 3 with no real room to do anything new or different.  Each to their own but I am finding each new CoD gets boring very quickly.  I never got bored of W@W.

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im not saying make the maps one dimensional, im saying make the maps accomodate all weapons to a fair extent. of course u got your maps that favor one style more than others and thats fine, but it should be balanced in that respect as well. the maps that are most popular are usually the most versatile ones. overflow accomdates sniping more than any other style, but its not exactly out the question to use shotgun/smg there either, slums/standoff/hijacked accomodates smgs/shotguns most, but its definately not out the question to snipe there. in turbine, carrier, drone and aftermath sniping is great but they are almost unplayable for a shotgun user and that isnt fair. thats why people dont vote for them, the proof is in the numbers, when u suggest something on behalf of the community u gotta go with the majority

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Making almost every map accomodate everything IS what would make them one-dimensional though. There wouldn't be real variety then. Sure, you could get fair chance to each playstyle, but that's also not that fun to do all the time. I could see maybe 1 or 2 maps like that, but still be a minority.

As ghamorra mentioned, there needs to also be maps in rotation that do force players to change their playstyles by offering advantages and/or disadvantages to certain weapon types if they wish to do well and NOT be allowed to simply use one playstyle all the time and never have to adjust to anything they come across, whether it be to counter the playstyles that get the advantage from the map or using the playstyle that the map grants the advantage to, even if it's a style they're not used to or even dislike.

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I see that and would like to add, some players are no good at creating a class.  Syou like these guns, but you need to either make a class set that is good for any range or enemy troll level, or simply rotate to the gun you want before the match. I mean you get thrity seconds so see the map and be sure its what you want.

My classes are specialized(what I mean to say btw) and I'm willing to list them.

1. Sabatour:

My ultimate "Huntsman" class. I can kill instanlty with the Skorpions power/speed combo or the tri-bolt. The Blackhats are equipment and killstreak trolls and I can steal rigged carepackeges from a safe distance, or get the off map ones that the tard overshot.  Basically, I use this class to keep them back and steal their stuff(or scrap it).

     Primary: Skorpion EVO

          Secondary: Crossbow Tri-bolt

               No Grenade

               Tactical: Blackhat x2

                    Perks: Flak jacket/Fasthands+Scavenger/Engineer

2.CQC Expert:

Close Quarters Combat Expert for those "Lalala*le random enemy rushes me* AAAHH!!*Boom, he is OHK'ed" But as I stated, I can snipe with this because of its slugs.

     Primary: KSG fast mag+laser sight

          Secondary: Kap-40(working on attachment)

               No grenade

               Tactical: Cuncussion grenade x2

                    Perks: Flakjacket/Fasthands/Engineer

3.Ghost of Sparta:

Sniper class good for long range, but not counted out at close or mid if you use the weapons right


     Primary: Any sniper rifle as I'm aiming for diamond

          Secondary: Tac-5

               Lethal: Bouncing Betty

               Tactical: Blackhat x1 or x2

                    Perks: Fatshands+Coldblooded

4.The Thunder:

The Thunder being the Cuncussion grenades and shield bashing.

     Primary: Assault Shield

          Secondary: (still working on it, this class is under matainance)

               Lethal: Tomahawk(For Remingtons)

               Tactical: Cuncussion Grenades(just a good idea)

                    Perks: Flakjacket/Fasthands+Scavenger/Tactical-Mask

5.Avian Patrol:                             

As the name implies, this is an anti-killstreak class.

     Primary: HAMR grip

          Secondary: The new stinger with a rediculous name

               No Lethal

               Tactical: EMP grenade x2

                    Perks: Blindeye+LightWeight/Coldblooded/Engineer


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   To this I say, you have a bit of a point.  Mostly because everytime they make a new game, there will be a whore for some gun or gun type..... the case in BO2 is the F*cking Remington..... Dude, only the KSG has a twenty to thirty foot affective range, long barrel does close to nothing with spread guns, so stop whoring the weapons.... this is almost as bad as MW3 Striker whores that spam with buckshot

The S12 is honestly the child that the shotgun family had seconds thoughts on drowning.... bad choice as it has no range.... sure, buckshot spam is almost nonexistant now but who will use the gun?

The Four round rechamber gun...... the new HS1014 or something..... I think its a 'meh' because there is spam but only four rounds, you use Concusion grenades to check corners and they will either be a ten second snail(C Grenades are OP too in my opinion) or will have tac-mask and own you anyway

I prefer a KSG, no spread but rediculous damage and range so I can snipe people with a slug. Score one for the guy who discovered and told the world this(ME!)

But to summarize, I believe only the Remington is OP and people should stop whoring OP guns.


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the remington is not op, it works like it should (most of the time at least cuz i seem to get tons of retarded hitmarkers). it works like this: u do ur best to manuver thru buildings and cover and spending as little time as possible in mid/long sightlines and open areas (which is pretty hard to do without being caught at a range where u cant even defend yourself well or at all) and then u do your best to create a close quarters 1v1 engagement and hope u dnt miss, get a hitmarker or run into multiple enemies that are not right on top of each other or u will be pretty much screwed. tons of drawbacks for using a shotgun.

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