Why are people so mean?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

You really cried? What did they say to make you cry? Next to the small stuttering issue.

You should watch it's always sunny in Philadelphia. That's the attitude you should have when taking over the mic, give some back..

Mute all button is awesome though, especially for tween / teen voices.


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It comes down to lousy parents and it's not even debatable in the least bit. The bottom line is that these are basically morally defective individuals as a result of their parents not knowing how to raise anything other than trash.

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It costs you nothing..pay them no mind. It may be hard because you want to be social, though remain as calm as possible when dealing with these morons. I'll admit that I talk trash, but I won't make fun of someone's stutter. I usually just talk about how some are making ignorant decisions ingame. Keep your chin up.

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Hello there,

Unfortunatly this is the case with online gamers. When playing with my clan online we have general banter with eachother and occasionally wind up the other teams espically when playing against another clan, its so much fun having general banter etc.

However, we are never abusive and if one of our clan members starts to rage we all tell them to calm down, or mute the mic before a slight screem .

When we have abusive lobby members or people repeting words consistently (sooo annoying) we counter it by asking them questions in a calm manner, for example last night I got called 'A fat fu*king P*ki (I am White British) C*nt' .

I countered this with, 'I know I am a bit overweight but the majority of the UK's population is, how do you know I am a Pa*i, I know I live in a heavily populated multicultural area of the UK, but my accent is still clearly yorkshire'. To this response I got nothing, in fact the person moved on to their next potential victim.

The problem is two things 'trolling' and 'youtube' these combined do add a certain entertainment value, however the majority of people go way too far. All I can say is suck it up, counter them or mute them. Three simple solutions.

Regards Apocalypse

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x_convict wrote:

why are people online so mean?I turned on my headset earlier and was instanly made fun of to the point i was crying and when they heard that it just got worse and worse.I have a small studder so when I talk you can notice it why are people online so mean and cruel?I feel so hurt from these people ty for any nice post


A convict cry's when you were "instantly" made fun of.

Sorry there are strange ironies in this post. Your name - topic of your thread and you crying!

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I thought the same thing at first but I guess I will give the person the benefit of the doubt.....

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me two, but a name like xconvict ~ crying because of what others are saying on a MP game = ironic!

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level
of our training"
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There is irony here,

That aside the basic premise of this thread still makes up for a great conversation and I'm going to refer back to a CTF match on Express for this example of how people complain and rage because that's just the sad type of person they are.

I had joined a lobby a little late. 30-45 sec into the match. Not too late but enough to immediately meet a guy who rushed the flag off the start. I was in no way prepared because I changed my mind on what class I wanted. I ducked behind some cover, select my other class and as I stood up I died. Another guy on my team who was with some friends was already on a 3 death streak so his spawn timer must have kicked in and he watch me die

Immediately he started raging about how terrible I was and that if I'm going to camp I could at least protect the flag and so on...

I told him that maybe he should have died 3x in and start contributing to his team a little more. The argument insued from there. I muted myself but left the comms open to hear what else he had to say

Later in the first round we were up by 2 and the enemy had just taken our flag again. I waited by there's knowing ful well what direction they were coming. I was by myself so I figured I would secure our flag first and then work take theirs.

Sure enough the rager was spectating as by this time he had a .5ish K/D and was at the bottom of the scorecard. He told all his friends that I was just camping their flag and just getting kills. That wasn't the case though. I killed the flag carrier and his escort, took our flag right up the middle and was told to wait so another guy could get one more kill for his last Pointstreak. I did as he asked and ended up dying from an enemy Lightening Strike. Another guy capped the final flag of the round

By this time I had a lot of returns and was leading in kills and points. The rager was down towards the bottom with a negative K/D and no objective points. His friend's struck up a good conversation and I unmuted myself so I could communicate with them. They were all nice but every time I said something that guy hated on me.

When the match was over we got into an argument again about how I "didn't do anything but camp". I had a capture and several returns. I also escorted the final cap. He did nothing so obviously my "camping" worked for the betterment of the team.

To wrap things up this guy was seriously craving attention. He fed off of response regardless of whether it made him look like and idiot or not. You'll see some of these people on the forums even. Behind a mic people say everything, pay no attention and focus on the game. When you tell him to look at the scorecard he'll know who the better person is

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I could easily give about 5 examples of similar incidents.  I simply kill the chat volume on my headphones now (except when I'm playing with friends).  The chat feature is a really useful tool, especially when playing objective games.  But unfortunately the majority of people just use it for needless abuse.

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I have had similar (pointless) discussions with others on game play, and I get no where, and neither do they.

People feel insulted they react, some cannot separate there actual lives from the game, so what ever negativity they carry around during the day they take that same negativity into the game.

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level
of our training"
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