Why are people so mean?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

why are people online so mean?I turned on my headset earlier and was instanly made fun of to the point i was crying and when they heard that it just got worse and worse.I have a small studder so when I talk you can notice it why are people online so mean and cruel?I feel so hurt from these people ty for any nice post

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I have a stutter to, just basically tell them how great of a life they must have for making fun of someone online, and ask them how they can teach you to be like them. Depending on how cheap they are some have charged me 100$/hour.

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People are like this, they are nothing but scum.

If you feel yourself loosing control, mute yoyrself until you have regained self control. You will find these idiots have moved onto something else by then and/or at the end of the game change lobbies.

good luck

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I don't have a stutter but I don't play with mics much because of the ignorance of people online. Not everyone, but many act like little basket cases.

OP, strength is not taking it personally. Learning this now in life will work wonders for you in the future. Trust me.

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Welcome to the online world buddy. People are mean just to be mean. And if they can make fun of you and know its getting to you then yeah they will keep pushing your buttons. I would just mute them or leave the game. Sorry that happen to you, just keep on trucking.

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People aren't just mean online, they are mean in general. Not all of them of course. If I was you, I would just turn down the volume of your headset, and/or mute yourself. This way, you don't give them any chance to be disrespectful. I only listen to footsteps etc. If all prevails, just try to ignore them, they aren't worth wasting any thoughts on!

Good luck....

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You find that headset warriors generally are tying to make up for something that they dont have in real life.

I agree and I have seen people reset and banned for bad and abusive language (MW3).

They dont know you personally so my advice would be to not take it personally ( I know this can be hard)

Just mute that particular person as soon as they open that mouth of theres and enjoy the game

PM me if you fancy a game sometime .

Good luck.

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Rise above the haters mate. There are some d*ck heads online who face to face would probably say jack sh*t cos there pussys, but behind the comfort of there headset in there own home they are rock hard. Dont let them get to you mate,

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i wouldnt ever cry from some clown online running his mouth best thing to do is to just mute the idiots, but hold your head up high its nothing to be ashamed of having a stutter

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Don't let them get to you. you will find a lot of people online being mean... they think its fun to hurt people. They are cowards they hide behind the fact that no one really knows who you are online. they wouldn't do it face to face.

as others have said just mute them and turn your mic off.

The other day I had a coulpe of guys trying to wind me up  because of my user name after they had just lost a game of domination. I stayed in the lobby and made sure they lost the next game too going 33 and 10.

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