Why are people so mean?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

“Go f— yourself!” “That’s bulls—, how the f— did you kill me, you lucky f—er, your dead next round you fa#.” “Hey you (racial slur), get the f— out of our lobby”. I’ve heard it all OP.

It’s hard to find good people among the hordes of morons that use online anonymity to act as they please without consequence. Hang in there, the real fun is with a close group you can play with regularly IMO and just mute.

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Convict, I hope this thread of mostly positive messages show you that there is greatness in the COD community.  Unfortunately, it's the narrow-minded people that can sometimes overshadow one's experience!  Keep your finger on the trigger and keep the fire you have for this game going!!!!!

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the best way is to join a clan!! if you find a decent clan then you'll have nice people who know you to talk to and can mute all the randoms!!

The most fun gaming i have is when im playing with clan members and having a laugh!!!

if you want to you can try us out: d3athdealers.enjin.com

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I say a lot of crap online, when I die that is. And thats only cause I release any anger though the game. Thoughout the day, I'm a laid back guy, but as soon as I get online that all changes.

Anyway, is cause of those types of people that I won't even have my mic plugged in when I'm playing solo. Soon as I get with some clanmates I plug it in but will usually mute all when I get into a lobby unless I feel like listening to others.

The clan I run with is small and a few of us are close friends, so if someone talks s##t to one of us, they'll get nice reply from the rest of us in the party.

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