Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I don't know why, but I believe that IW did a better job with MW3 on launch week than 3ARC could do. Atleast MW3 did not freeze on you while you tried to call in a UAV. Atleast MW3 did not freeze on you 7 times in a row while you sat in matchmaking. Seriously, is it me or can no one find the chat support on the support website? I need to ask them about their refund policy on a game that cannot completely deliever on what it was advertised to do. Campaign works, Zombies works, but the actual meat and potatoes of the game, multiplayer is a pile of crap.

If Activision really took out the chat support, then it was their intention to make a CoD that could take second place as the worst CoD ever. MW2, BO2 and CoD3. 2/3 3ARC games. Fantastic.

I really want to know who was the genius who thought of the idea of lag compensation. What intention did they have in mind? "Oh someone has a shit connection to the host, I know! Lets make it so everyone lags as much as the guy with shitty connection and we can all rage together while the shiity connection has a field day."

And one more thing, why in the fucking hell can a guy with a combat knife LUNGE at me over a table and kill me while I'm unloading 18 bullets into the MOFOs chest with the MSMC. HOW IN THE FUCKING HELL DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE!? I understand you want to make sure the knife only people have a good time but give them their own playlist for that shit man. We don't need some asshole running around with a knife pissing the fuck out of people because he has 6 perks and a damn knife that has the ability to commando you.

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